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realme 11 Pro 5G Review – Brilliant mid-range with a flagship feel for P19,999

Here’s my realme 11 Pro 5G review featuring a 100 MP main camera, 120hz curved display, 5000mAh battery and the Dimensity 7050 5G chipset with SRP of Php 19,999 and available on Lazada, Shopee and all realme stores nationwide.

After the successful launch of last year’s realme 10 series, we are back running with a new and stylish smartphone patterned after the 10 series with the realme 11 series. realme came out with two versions for the Philippine market namely the realme 11 pro and the realme 11 Pro+. Thankfully I got my hands on the 11 Pro 5G from our friends from realme Philippines. But the question is WHY should you get this smartphone?


realme 11 pro 5g

I also have to discuss the very fancy vegan leather back which breaks the tradition. Yes, vegan. You read that ride. No animals were killed or hurt in obtaining the leather finish for this smartphone. It feels premium and fancy and I had to actually double check how much this smartphone is because it definitely feels like a flagship.

And I totally understand people who want theirs to have a different color aside from the beige but how can you flex the back if it’s not light colored? Besides it’s so nice to touch. It would be a sin to use the jelly case in this scenario. The lining at the back also looks great and makes the whole smartphone more eye-catching and attention grabbing. Trust me, if you want a phone that will make heads do a double take then this one’s for you on the design alone.


The realme 11 Pro 5G comes with a 6.7-inch 120Hz AMOLED Curved Vision display with a resolution of 2412 x 1080. That alone proves that this phone is worth getting whether you are looking for a casual smartphone to browse social media or something a little more hardcore.


One of the things that i really love about the realme 11 Pro 5G is it’s crystal clear quality for the image and the the display is super clear and crisp and it’s perfect for gaming and just about any kind of entertainment whether you’re streaming or just scrolling on Facebook and other social media platforms.

On the subject of gaming and just about any entertainment you also have a 100 hz refresh rate panel which makes gaming so smooth and so nice to look at.

There’s also stereo speakers that offer substantial Dolby Atmos support for your music or for just about anything. It’s such a nice phone to use when you’re going on Netflix or just randomly watching videos on Youtube or tiktok. The timbre and bass is rich and the volume is pretty good.


The realme 11 pro features a 100MP main camera and a 16MP front camera. I have to commend them for the circular design at the center. It’s pretty eye-catching especially when combined with the leather finish. Super excellent to lug around.

Here are some examples of shots using the realme 11 Pro 5G.

Selfie Camera / Front Camera

Selfie camera with the realme 11 Pro 5G

The selfie camera is good at the very least. It has sharp output but the colors are something that you need to be conscious about. You may need to get a few selfies in before you land the perfect shot.


I definitely salute the quality of the macro mode for the realme 11 Pro 5G’s camera. Be wary though as the AI and the sensor for the camera can sometimes override your shot moving for the macro when you move too close to your subject or zoom a little bit too much.


You get awesome awesome shots for food when you match it with good lighting. You get all the small details as seen in the photo above plus the colors pop out. Meanwhile on low-light settings, you still get to land some good food shots…

The 100MP mode also provides you with really great quality shots such as this one.

Main Camera

The main camera is exceptional and is definitely the main reason to pick it up.

Again, having a good background light can definitely up the ante for the quality of photos you shoot with realme 11 Pro 5G.

Night Mode

Lastly, the 100MP mode

UI and UX

Right out of the box, the smartphone looks ready to use.

It’s also safe to mention that the realme 11 Pro 5g has the ui 4.0 and it’s working side-by-side with android 13 well using the phone i didn’t have much problems whether it’s scrolling or going through Facebook. If you’re new to the android ecosystem UI 4.0 isn’t going to be a big thing. In fact its super easy and barely an inconvenience to use and just a matter of hours will be able to really get into the nitty-gritty of the OS.

I also adore the fact that there’s no lags or stutters when you’re using the phone whether it’s checking animations or just using the different parts of the apps.

In terms of benchmarks and performance i am really really happy with what they put in for the realme 11 pro 5G it’s it’s using a Mediatek Dimensity 750 which is a 600 nm chipset that features an octa-core processor and a Mali z68 MC4 GPU. That means you are covered when it comes to your daily tasks. We won’t stutter or slow down when you’re using multiple apps at the same time like when you are going through two different apps like grab and angkas or joyride just to book your ride home or going to work.

It’s also because of the performance and the chipset that you have a stable gaming experience so whether you’re playing mobile legends call of duty mobile genshin impact or hon chi star rail you can be assured that you won’t be having problems like slow downs or overheating.

One neat feature that is added to the realme 11 Pro 5G is this thing called wise charging it’s a feature that smartly charges your device based on the time you leave it charging so for example if you leave your phone on charge overnight it will slowly charge the phone and it will not bloat.

Since we’re also on the subject of battery and consumption you also be happy to know that the realme 11 pro 5g features a 5000mah lithium-ion cell which can support 67 w super vooc fast charging.


Final thoughts

I’m very happy with the realme 11 pro 5g it’s super easy to use i love the curve design the camera is super nice to use it takes good pictures whether it’s night or day and it also has a stable ui easy for you to use as your daily driver. It’s actually one of the top tier mid range phones for q3 q4 of 2023 and i also like the price which is php 19999 for the 8gb ram slash 256 gb rom.

The 11 pro 5g is now available in stores as well as on Shopee and Lazada.

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