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Ahsoka Posters released featuring Admiral Thrawn, Enoch, Ezra Bridger and the Great Mothers

Check out these new Star Wars: Ahsoka Posters featuring most of the new characters that appeared in this week’s episode including Ezra Bridger and Grand Admiral Thrawn.

Above we see Grand Admiral Thrawn played by Lars Mikkelsen who also played the character in Rebels.

Then there’s the live action debut of Ezra Bridger played by Eman Esfandi.

We also have a poster for the very cool looking and very much zombie-esque Captain Enoch.

Lastly we have a poster for the Great Mothers who also made an appearance in Ahsoka episode 4.

The episode brought a lot of new and exciting things to Star Wars live action series from Dave Filoni’s massively populated Star Wars Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels animated series and we are all for it. Not to mention we finally get to see our boy Ezra Bridger all grown up and now sporting a beard. And Admiral Thrawn. Woooo.

What a time to be a Star Wars fan.

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