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One Piece Chapter 1092 – Gear 5 Luffy seen beating up Kizaru

Some big leaks for One Piece Chapter 1092 featuring this big scene where we see Gear 5 Luffy aka “Joyboy” literally handling Marine Admiral Kizaru

You can check out the spoiler image after the cut!

And it looks like Kizaru managed to get inside Egghead Island and comes to interrupt the ongoing extraction mission of the Straw Hat Pirates of the members of Vegapunk or at least most of the ones that have survived so far.

This will also be a big thing for Luffy as it will continue to push the newly awakened power of Model Nika devil fruit that Luffy’s been using since his fight with Kaido.

We can also see the iron giant that’s in the island coming to life although we need to more context to understant what is happening.

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