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Goddess of Victory: Nikke x Nier Automata Collab now live

Remember the previously announced Goddess of Victory: Nikke x Nier Automata crossover? Well, the patch is now live and we get a lot more details.

Check out the first trailer that they released when they announced the collaboration:

Just like what they did with the Chainsaw Man crossovver, we will be getting some of the ladies from the franchise and turn them into special characters that you can use for the game. You can also expect to see a lot of story beats coming from Nier: Automata pouring over into the world of Nikke: Goddess of Victory. So we will be getting 2B and A2

The above trailer may not give the game completely away for how ridiculously horned up it is, but the game’s base costumes for 2B and A2 sure do. 2B and A2’s base Nikke outfit, Metamorphic Damage, pays homage to what happens to their closes when you self-destruct in Nier: Automata. Self-destructing in Nier: Automata, while presented as a combat tactic, blows away their gothic lolita skirts revealing their ridiculously thin spandex.

Here’s the 2B YoRHa Uniform 1 outfit trailer

And here’s the A2’s “YoRHa Uniform Prototype”

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