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Your Most Nostalgic Memory is back! Metal Slug: Awakening Open Beta On August 22

Distributed by VNG Games, Metal Slug: Awakening – the latest mobile version of the legendary IP – Metal Slug licensed by SNK, developed & launched by Tencent will officially open beta on August 22! The latest Metal Slug: Awakening also marked the strongest comeback of the legendary arcade game which is widely known for its side-scrolling game style and now replenished with refined graphics that reminisce all the iconic game scenes, characters as well as easter eggs! So, gear up commanders, and be ready to take on the nostalgic yet thrilling missions!

The return of the renowned IP on mobile with multiple new advancements

Crowned the most awaited mobile version of the long established Metal Slug IP, Metal Slug: Awakening not only retains most of its original map, Boss, vehicles, and characters including Marco, Tarma, Fio…but it’s also upgraded with refined HD graphics that showcases surreal character’s movement as well as realistic facial expression – giving the best gaming experience that worth for it’s fans anticipation! With the “Mission Start” signature command,  it signifies the comeback of  your favorite childhood pastimes and memory!   

【Weapon】 makes the biggest essence of the game 

On top of the new appearance of the iconic characters on mobile version,  Metal Slug: Awakening also features multiple innovative weapon enhancements, not just in its design and modeling, but also in terms of its damage and strengths – further accelerating the excitement of battleships in the game. Commanders, your most memorable Metal Slug weapons: Flame Shot, Blizzard, Shotgun, etc are now up for you to pick up anytime and anywhere! Furthermore, the mobile game also equips with the newest line-up of unique weapons, which includes Boxing Gun, Saw Launcher, etc! Wait no more, it’s time to battle!

Old But Gold – Let’s explore the iconic【World Adventure】!

Entering the early stage of Metal Slug: Awakening, commanders would be able to revisit the iconic World Adventure that is closely resembling the arcade version. Not only that, but the game also comprehensively modifies its controlling mode – enabling commanders to seamlessly experience side-scrolling gameplay just like the old time!

【Prime Showdown】– the all-new PvP Battle Mode

Entering the Prime Showdown PVP battle mode, the in-game system will automatically balance the damage, armor and HP of each commander and match-matching them with commanders of similar level– ensuring a fair gameplay from time to time.

Of all the newly upgraded maps, each commander would be able to freely pick 3 characters to team up and compete with opponents – while freely controlling the characters’ movement in the battlefield; combating BOSS for level-ups as well as grabbing numerous strength-empowering resources. With the strategic combination of skills and vehicles, commanders can easily defeat the opponents and BOSS to obtain prestigious badges and thus become the top of the top.

Roguelike Gameplay with its first ever【Hot Pursuit】feature 

Other than the PVP mode, for the first time in its IP series, Metal Slug: Awakening also features its inaugural roguelike: Hot Pursuit gameplay – rejuvenating the old but gold IP with latest innovations! Each Hot Pursuit consists of 10 small levels. With completion of each Hot pursuit, the system will randomly select three skill enhancements from the total four skills: summon, black hole, barrage & skill – enabling commanders to choose one of their most preferred options in strengthening their BUFF before entering the next level.

The roguelike【Hot Pursuit】gameplay rejuvenates the classic IP with the latest innovations!


The roguelike【Hot Pursuit】feature provides a brand new diverse gaming experience to all commanders!

Remarkable Pre-registration Milestone Achievement – Reminiscing Memories of Million Commanders

Metal Slug:Awakening has achieved a ground-breaking pre-registration milestone of more than 2 million registered commanders to date. The higher the number of registered commanders, the better the prizes would be rewarded to them, including Eri Kasamoto character, thus further offering commanders a wider helping hand for all upcoming missions! So wait no more, and be a part of Metal Slug: Awakening now!

The higher the number of registered commanders, the better is the prize awarded to commanders!


Wait no more, and be a part of Metal Slug: Awakening now!

For more information about Metal Slug: Awakening, stay tuned to the official fans page for first-hand information!


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