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Unmasking the The Twisted Truth behind Three Names, Three Lives, Three Murders – Mask Girl streams August 18

Ahead of its much-anticipated debut on Netflix on August 18, upcoming series Mask Girl is setting the stage for its intriguing story through three main posters and a new trailer.

The trailer grips viewers’ attention right from the start, with main character Kim Mo-Mi accepting her sins in a chilling voice. What follows is a roller coaster ride through Mo-Mi’s life, from her unassuming job as an office worker, to becoming a popular Cam model masked girl, and ultimately ending up as prisoner number 1047, who appears repentant yet dreams of escape. This rapid succession of her multiple identities leaves viewers craving to know more about the mysterious story behind her many faces.

In an impressive display of talent, three actors – Ko Hyun-Jung, Nana, and a new talent yet to be revealed – portray Kim Mo-Mi in distinct phases of her life. Each actor contributes a unique shade to this character as she transforms throughout the series.

Check out the Mask Girl trailer below:

The suspense-filled series also features an ensemble of vivid characters. Here’s a snapshot of the key players.

  • Kim Mo-Mi: Forced to live three lives under three different names, – Kim Mo-Mi, the corporate employee Showgirl A-reum, and Prisoner Number 1047 – she becomes this enigmatic character who relishes the applause and adoration of her online audience, even as her life off-camera is filled with unhappiness due to her complex appearance. An unforeseen incident triggers her transformation into a murderer, adding yet another identity to her tumultuous life.

  • Ju Oh-Nam: Played by Ahn Jae-hong, he is an office worker whose only pleasure is watching internet broadcasts after work. When he realizes Mask Girl is his co-worker Kim Mo-Mi, he develops a fixation that takes over his life. Ahn describes his character as “a company employee who wants to erase his presence during the day, and to show his presence in his own world at night.” The actor focused on depicting “a man’s heart that started with the wrong direction right from the beginning,” raising anticipation for his portrayal of the character’s hidden depths.

  • Kim Kyung-Ja: Portrayed by Yeom Hye-ran from The Glory, she is a mother whose entire world revolves around her son. When her son goes missing, she begins a relentless pursuit to find him. Yeom says: “I hoped that Kim Kyung-Ja’s revenge would not be motivated only by her motherhood.I wanted to include various complex conflicts originating from her age, religion, and other beliefs, and I had many discussions about these conflicts, which arise as she rushes towards a large and clear goal called revenge.” Her nuanced analysis has sparked curiosity about the character.

Director Kim Yong-Hoon describes these characters as “Injured, marginalized individuals,” each tangled in the web of a murder mystery. The blurred lines between good and evil create a captivating narrative filled with ambiguity.

With its layered characters and intricate plot, Mask Girl is set to redefine mystery-thrillers. Prepare to unmask the truth of Mask Girl, beginning August 18, only on Netflix.


About Mask Girl

Title: Mask Girl

Directed & Written by: Kim Yong-Hoon

Starring: Ko Hyun-Jung, Ahn Jae-hong, Yeom Hye-ran, Nana

Distributed by: Netflix

Production: House of Impression, BONFACTORY

Release Date: August 18, 2023

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