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Titans # 2 Spoilers – The Fate of Wally West

Here’s a number of Titans # 2 spoilers post for ya starting with the fate of Wally West aka The Flash. This issue was written by Tom Taylor with art by Nicola Scott from DC Comics!

So in Titans # 1, we end the book with the team returning to Titans Tower finding the dead body of their teammate and founding member The Flash aka Wally West (who was back then known as Kid Flash). It was all played for shock value and because DC loves to kill the Flash, they kinda thought that this would be a nice prank to pull.

Even the first few pages of issue 2 was still dangling the possibility of another dead speedster.

When Dick Grayson aka Nightwing decides to call Wally’s wife Linda Park, he returns quickly because he brought back…


Turns out that the body that they saw was from a Wally West from the near future alerting his friends and teammates of danger waiting for them. Nightwing takes the time to investigate the corpse and sees that it contains ash and other wood elements and deduces that the bullet wound on the head was done at close range. Then the Titans gets an alert for a massive fire in Borneo, which matches the clues left on the body of the dead Wally West. So Nightwing stops Wally from joining the mission and gives leadership to Donna Troy formerly known as Wonder Girl.

There are a few more stuff that happens in this issue of Titans and we’ll be going through more of them later.

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