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Naruto Shippuden x Uniqlo 20th Anniversary Collection Now in PH Stores

Uniqlo Philippines is proud to announce the availability of their latest collection, the Naruto Shippuden x Uniqlo 20th Anniversary Collection featuring some of the popular characters from the Naruto Shippuden franchise created by Masashi Kishimoto!

You can check out the shirt designs for the Naruto Shippuden x Uniqlo 20th Anniversary Collection after the cut.

The Naruto shirt features the popular Naruto hand sign he uses whenever he conjures up his “kagebunshin” aka the Shadow Clone Jutus.

The Sasuke Uchiha shirt doesn’t show the powerful Uchiha clan member but rather the words “Mangekyo Sharingan” together with the classic sharingan swirl.

I dig the Kakashi Hatake shirt which follows the Team 7 adviser’s colors as well as a depiction of Kakashi’s face.


This one I will definitely get, it’s a black shirt featuring the members of the criminal organization known as the Akatsuki. This features Sasuke Uchiha’s brother, Itachi Uchiha who left the Hidden Leaf Village to join the gang.

While I would have preferred a Minato shirt with yellow over white, I still dig this design. Missed opportunity though is not incorporating the red flames at the bottom of the shirt to really get this Minato Namikaze feel to it.


As indicated in the promotional materials, all the shirts for the Naruto x Uniqlo collaboration will be priced at Php 790. You could wait for a sale and wait for the remaining stocks or you could drop by your nearest Uniqlo store to get this. Remember when the shirts run out, that’s it. Remember the My Hero Academia collaboration? You won’t find those shirts on resale anymore.

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