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HUAWEI nova 11i Review – a great vlogging phone at insanely low price

Here’s my HUAWEI nova 11i review featuring 6.8 inch display, 5000 mAh battery, 128GB memory and more! Its out now is stores with SRP Php10,999!

huawei nova 11i review thefanboyseo

But first here’s the Huawei nova 11i unboxing video:


This phone features an almost bezel-less design with a good quality full HD screen. With a refresh rate of 90hz its pretty reliable especially when you’re scrolling down on social media apps like Facebook or Twitter. There’s also very little lag when scrolling because the nova 11i has a 270Hz touch sampling rate.


Its also got a good screen size clocking in at 6.8 inch LDC display. It includes with 16.7 million colours on it. The screen’s big enough resolution at 1080 x 2388 and has very little bezels in it to disturb you from either playing your favorite mobile game, stream a popular video or just go through social media apps. Take note however that the resolution was measured as a standard rectangle with rounded corner design.

huawei nova 11i thefanboyseo review


Main Camera:

As mentioned earlier in this review, the nova 11i also sports the Double Star Orbit Rings similar to past versions of smartphones under the nova series. One does have to enjoy looking at the symmetrical design of the cameras for this but that’s just the first bit for good stuff for the Huawei nova 11i camera.

The nova 11i also has a 48 MP High-res Camera with an f/1.8 aperture, 1/2-inch sensor, and 4-in-1-pixel fusion technology.

For the price point it does have some nifty features including the ability to take great photos on poorly lit backgrounds. There’s also the AI snapshot feature which “uses motion detection algorithm to track motion in real time and adjust the shutter speed” which is perfect for when you want to shoot action-oriented scenes.

Here are some sample shots using the phone’s main camera:

The photo modes available on the nova 11i includes:

  • Pro
  • Slow-Mo
  • Panorama
  • Time-Lapse
  • Stickers
  • High-Res
  • Multi-Cam
  • Dual View

Zooming in is also fun with the nova 11i. Here are samples when you use the zoom on this smartphone

Night shots aren’t too shabby as well. You got crisp, clean photos with smoother textures and clear images.

Selfie Camera/ Front Camera:

The nova 11i features a 16MP f2.2 Aperture Selfie Camera.

The 16 MP selfie camera supports portrait segmentation, so that you can stand out from any and every background.2. The AI Beauty 5.1 and AI beautification algorithms enhance facial features, smooth out skin, and provide other beauty features, to show you at your best. Personally though I would recommend the selfie camera when you’re outdoors. That’s when it really shines and you can really enjoy your shots.

Indoors are ok but you have to consider the lighting still.


The camera

Here are a few sample videos taken using the HUAWEI nova 11i:

As you can see, there’s a bit of problem when it comes to image stabilization so if you’re “pasmado” then I suggest you either get an inexpensive stabilizer or gimbal online or stick to more safe shots that don’t require you to move around while taking video; this connects back to the idea of this being a good vlog phone. If you’re wanting to do vlogs with a standard tripod then this is definitely for you. As you saw in the second sample video, you get clear shots using the front camera while also getting a more stable footage.

Another feature that they are very hyped about is the dual camera feature aka Dual View where you get to use the front and the rear camera at the same time. We’ve all seen this with other recent releases but Huawei just joined the bandwagon and they are doing it pretty well.

huawei nova 11i dual cam

I just have to tell you that you need to manage your expectation after all it’s about function for this price range.

UI and UX

One of the things that people are often intimidated about when it comes to Huawei phones is its non-reliance on Google and while that’s still true for the Nova 11i there are workarounds that have been put in case such as the Gbox app installed on the phone

The fingerprint scanner on the side does its job smoothly making it an all-around great phone.

Battery and Charging

The HUAWEI nova 11i also features super-fast charging with up to 40W using the Huawei SuperCharge Turbo1 system. This means you can get your phone charged up to 60% within 30 minutes.


I enjoyed using the HUAWEI nova 11i. It has its limitations and cons but overall it was a nice smartphone to use especially if you’ll be doing outdoor vlogs. Indoor is pretty good too but I suggest you get lighting to really highlight your good side. Processor wise and gaming wise, it’s pretty neat. I did love how nice it feels to hold it around. The curves look so fine.

The display is good and the UI is intuitive too.

The Huawei nova 11i is currently out now in the market with SRP of ₱ 10,999.00. Visit the Huawei website to order or you can also order the phone through Shopee and Lazada.

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