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Unconfirmed Castlevania: Nocturne Leaked images surface

The next Castlevania series on Netflix titled Castlevania: Nocturne is coming soon and we spotted a bunch of images that may or may not be from the animated series’ final product featuring the new lead protagonist

Castlevania: Nocturne Teaser Trailer

The series is led by showrunner Kevin Kolde and Creator/Writer Clive Bradley and produced by Project 51 Productions with production services provided by Powerhouse Animation. Castlevania: Nocturne follows Richter, a descendant of the Belmont family, popularized in the iconic Symphony of Night and Blood of Rondo Castlevania games.

Check out the leaked images down below:

Above we have a few images of our hero Richter Belmont together with his team and below we have a look at some of the baddies for the series…

Hopefully this would be good or even better than the first Castlevania series that was also produced by Powerhouse Animation, written by Warren Ellis and produced by Adi Shankar. That series ran for four seasons which premiered on July 7, 2017. That series also featured the voices of Richard Armitage as Trevor Belmont, James Callis as Alucard and Alejandra Reynoso as Sypha Belnades.

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