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Apocalypse is cooking something big, sends his wife Genesis to deal with the Arakko mutants – Before the Fall: The Heralds of Apocalypse # 1

In the pages of Before the Fall: The Heralds of Apocalypse # 1 we catch up with Apocalypse and his wife Genesis as they ponder on what to do with the recent events happening on Earth and with the mutants they left behind in Arakko.

Spoilers for The Heralds of Apocalypse # 1 by Al Ewing and Luca Pizzari

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So a few addition info before we dive into what happened in this issue:

  • Apocalypse had a wife named Genesis and four kids named Pestilence, War, Death and Famine
  • They waged a war in Okarra against the demon horde and the Annihilation. Eventually the demons surrendered but Genesis took the helmet and became mad with power. Before she succumbs, she and Apocalypse split the islands sending Krakoa to Earth and Arakko staying in Okarra.
  • During Sword of X, the two got back together, lessened the power of the Okarra god in the helmet and returned to their world.

But it looks like things are not well for Apocalypse in this world as his wife pleads with him to get them back to Earth where she feels compelled to teach the mutants of Arakko their lesson after being soundly beaten by Uranos during the events of AXE: Judgement Day. Ol’ En Sabah Nur doesn’t want to bring them back but eventually relents. He shows his wife three Okarra seeds he created before leaving Krakoa.

Just like that Krakoa seeds, they are a gateway to different parts of the world and Apocalypse managed to create three seeds. He gives one seed to Genesis, another he keeps for himself and a third seed plans on the soil with his blood. After some time, Genesis musters an invading force that she will bring to the pages of X-Men: Red as well as wherever Fall of X happens.

Meanwhile Apocalypse opts to stay in okarra and he tells his new demon sidekick that he will begin building his own forces to clash against his wife’s army in the future.

I like where this book went and how it teased something bigger. For all we know we could have the ending of Fall of X having Apocalypse save the day and return to the Quiet Council. I relish the fact of what the stories in the X-Books would have been had they not taken out Apocalypse out of the picture. I would have loved to see Apocalypse join the X-Men briefly and butting heads with Cyclops and Jean Grey. Or maybe we could have a longer Excalibur run with Tini Howard. But let’s see what Al Ewing does with this story beat.

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