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Hasbro reveals new G.I. Joe Classified Firefly figure

Hasbro will be giving our favorite saboteur a G.I. Joe Classified treatment with the G.I. Joe Classified Firefly figure.

The other ninja character that’s been around in the GI Joe franchise has made a number of media appearances whether it’s through games, cartoons and even movies. And while he’s not a big a character Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes, there are still a number of people who like this character including me. And there are a handful of Firefly toys made in the past 30 years or so but this is the first time for the GI Joe Classified line. The late Ray Stevenson also appeared in the second movie ditching what was established gear for the character and opting to go with explosive robotic fireflies as his main gimmick. That was pretty cool.

And now Hasbro just upped and released this And why is this exciting you ask? Because it’s got some great accessories for one of Cobra’s top spy and saboteur.

We got a few swappable items and not to mention that sweet looking rifle.

And for other G.I. Joe characters coming out of this wave we also have Nunchuck and a Crimson Viper figure in the mix


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