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Kumu, a powerful livestream platform that amplifies the voices of over 100 million Filipinos around the world, is thrilled to announce the grand finale of the unique singing competition, Healthcareoke. This star-studded event—brought to you by Kumu in cooperation with Manila Genesis Entertainment and Management Inc. and Zion Agency—is set to take place over two nights in Las Vegas, Nevada. Celebrity judges and performers Gary Valenciano and his son Gab Valenciano will be on hand to add to the spectacle, as will Kumu CEO Roland Ros.

The Healthcareoke grand finale marks the climax of a journey that has united US-based healthcare workers and medical students, showcasing their musical abilities and unwavering commitment to the medical field. After a series of inspiring stories and thrilling performances, the competition is now at its peak, with six finalists remaining to vie for the coveted title of the best singer in healthcare.


The event kicks off on the evening of Friday, June 9, with an exclusive gathering for the Kumunity at The Space, a performance & event space with state-of-the-art lighting and sound. It has hosted Tony, Grammy, and Country Music Association award winners; and everything from fashion shows to musicals. The first night will include food, drinks, and special performances from Gary and other beloved Kumu live streamers. On Saturday, June 10, the Healthcareoke season two final six—Nina, Bryllie, Erica, Nikki, Riquo, and Karen—will take the stage for their final showdown.


The second season of Healthcareoke has been a testament to the collaboration between Kumu and OneDown. It has successfully given healthcare professionals and students a platform to showcase their immense talent and valuable contributions. Partnerships with organizations such as FilAm TV, the Filipino-American National Historical Society, Hella Basa, and SoCal Filipinos were instrumental in ensuring this mission’s success.


The star-studded grand finale will host a multitude of talents, including top Kumu streamers Eunice Janine, Jun Sunga, and others. Kumu leaders such as Ari Kader-Cu, Leo Albea, Tessa Albea, Rui Fortuna, and more will also be there, along with Paragon and Majestic VIP users, members of Kumu USA, and the Fil-Am community. Other prominent personalities like Angelika Schmeing, Chris Punsalan, Garth Garcia, Mo Twister, and Nonito Donaire will also grace the event.


For fans in the Philippines, the excitement of the Healthcareoke grand finale can be experienced live via the OneDown channel on Kumu on Sunday, June 11, at 11:00 AM Philippine Time. To make sure you don’t miss this landmark event, download the Kumu app and follow @onedown. Check out our guide on how to watch the livestream here: How to Watch Healthcareoke Season 2 Grand Finale on Livestream 🎤👀


Going beyond entertainment, Healthcareoke is proud to announce that the Shining Light Foundation Inc. will be the virtual gift beneficiary for the second season’s grand finale. This collaboration adds another layer of significance to the event, underscoring Kumu’s commitment to celebrating talent, fostering a sense of community, and giving back to society.


Witness the conclusion of this inspiring journey as we draw the curtains on the search for the best singer in healthcare. Celebrate the dedication and talent of healthcare heroes with us. Download Kumu, follow @onedown, and tune in for the grand Healthcareoke finale!


See you in Vegas and on Kumu!

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