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Manny Pacquiao in Tekken 8? These fan artworks teases what could be

Check out these funny CG renders that depicts Manny Pacquiao in Tekken 8!

I am not sure whether the OP was the original creator of the art or he just collected them and it went viral but here’s the Original Post (OP).

The thing with this is that it could work as one of Tekken’s DLC gimmick characters like for Tekken 7 we had Negan from The Walking Dead or Noctis from Final Fantasy XV. That’s where Pacman could fit in.

But if he’s going to be a meta character, that would defeat the purpose of having other boxer characters like Steve Fox in it.

Although as of writing this blog post, we don’t have confirmation that Steve will actually be in Bandai Namco’s hit fighting game but a lot of fans say that he’ll likely be in this. You can check out which characters have been announced so far for Tekken 8 on the blog while we’re on the subject.

Tekken 8 release date is currently TBA but we already know that it will be available for the Playstation 5, PC via Steam and Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. What do you think of Manny Pacquiao in Tekken 8? Leave a comment and Follow me on Instagram and Twitter for more gaming news and updates!

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