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Albion Online’s “Albion East” server is now live

Albion Online, the fantasy sandbox MMORPG developed by Sandbox Interactive, launched its new server, Albion East, for the Asia Pacific region.Along with offering a new start in the world of Albion, the new server offers much faster connection speeds and optimised event times for players throughout the region.

The game’s original server, now called Albion West, remains active, and both servers share the same free-to-play model with an optional per-character subscription.

Players can use a single account to access the servers. Both servers are not region-locked, and all players worldwide are free to play on either or both. Both Albion East and West servers will have the same game client and identical game content is available on both.

The Albion East server will open to all players on 20 March, 2023 at 11:00-UTC. This corresponds to 1900hrs China Standard Time and 2000hrs Japan/Korea Standard Time. Players should be aware that the server undergoes daily maintenance at 23:00 UTC, which corresponds to 0700 hrs China Standard Time and 0800 hrs Japan/Korea Standard Time. 

These details are important for players in the Asian time zones who are planning to join the Albion East server.

Features of the Albion East (Asia Pacific) server include:

  • Greatly improved connection speeds and ping for the whole Asia-Pacific region.

  • A new and untouched version of the game, where all players start as equals and can claim their own piece of Albion.

  • A game world that is fully separate and independent from the existing “Albion West” server.

  • Timings of game and server events (territory battles, Crystal League, Faction Warfare, maintenance, etc.) that are optimised for the region.

Founder Packs for Albion East remain available until April 30, 2023, with rewards claimable on either server. These rewards include exclusive items that will never be available again, along with valuable Gold and Premium.

Moreover, Sandbox Interactive has announced a special Twitch Drop campaign to celebrate the launch of Albion East, which will run from March 15 to March 29, 2023. Players can earn exclusive chests with brand-new items by watching any Twitch channel offering regular Albion Twitch Drops. 

During this period, campaigns will run daily instead of weekly, and to participate, players must link their Twitch and Albion accounts. Additionally, the first official guild season on Albion East will begin on March 25, 2023. 

All players can participate and earn rewards, regardless of whether they are part of a guild. This time around, rewards include new Direwolf Skins, in addition to Fame Boosts, Battle Mounts and Avatars. The winners on each server will get their own custom statue in the Conquerors’ Hall. 

Guild Seasons run independently on each server, and the schedule can be found on the Albion Online Forum.

Watch the “Coming to Asia” trailer: 


Check out the announcement on the Albion Online website:


Founder Packs are available on the dedicated Albion East page:


Watch the “What is Albion Online?” video here: 


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