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McFarlane Toys closes up Winter Showcase with DC Multiverse Batmobile and more

McFarlane Toys finished up their Winter Showcase strong with a bunch of new action figure announcements ranging from the DC Comics source to the upcoming The Flash movie. Let’s recap in this post.

McFarlane Toys Batmobile

McFarlane toys batmobile from The Flash movie

Not gonna lie I am excited for this. Might be pricey but given how good McFarlane vehicles are I know I’m in for a treat. Plus the Batman 89 Batmobile was always cool helps in selling the deal for me. And we haven’t mentioned the Batwing which I was half expecting to see in the Winter Showcase. Alas tis not possible. That badboy is rumored to be around P30,000 or more and is HUGE!

Check out the latest The Flash trailer to get an idea on what the McFarlane Batwing’s size would be.

McFarlane Toys Superman (Regular)

McFarlane toys Jim Lee Superman from Batman Hush

We will also be getting a regular packed McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse Superman based on Jim Lee’s art on the Batman: Hush storyline. The first one that came out was a “Gold Label” and had the angry head sculpt with red eyes. This one has a standard look but still no smiling alternate head.

McFarlane Toys Batman Knightfall

We will also be getting a Batman figure from the Knightfall storyline. It’s the costume he wore when Bane broke his back and he had to retire for awhile because of his injuries. This figure should mesh well with the already released Knightfall Catwoman figure as well as the McFarlane Toys Bane megafigure.

McFarlane Toys Robin

McFarlane toys Robin from Robin reborn

The Tim Drake Robin also gets some love with this new McFarlane Toys Robin based on the book “Robin Reborn”. This is a must-get for me because this was the Robin from when I was a kid. Plus it looked a lot more sensible and in tune with the past iterations and costumes of Robins.

Now we have to wait for a Jason Todd Robin release soon.

McFarlane Toys Steel

Of course we talked about the McFarlane Toys Steel but it’s another good figure to add especially if you want to build the four replacement Supermen from the Reign of the Supermen storyline in the 90s.

McFarlane Toys Batman Statue from The Flash

The Batman statue is already on pre-order so its only going to be a short time before we get to see this figure in stores locally like in Toy Kingdom and Toys R Us as well as the popular online sellers in Metro Manila.

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