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Join the Hype Train: PlayPark StreetBallers Pre-Registration is Now Open!

Pre-register now and get exclusive rewards for PlayPark StreetBallers!

PlayPark Inc. has formally announced their newest mobile game called PlayPark StreetBallers. This mobile game will be available for both Android and Apple devices from their respective app stores and will be open to players in the Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

In PlayPark StreetBallers, you build up your roster of players and get up close and personal when calling the shots. Each player you unlock via quest reward or recruited from the Shop comes with unique skills and cool animations. You can level up skills and abilities to make the ultimate dream team customized to how you want it. 

The game has several game modes depending on your skill level. For newer gamers to this style of basketball game, there is a story mode to help get the basics down. There are also 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3 PVP modes for ballers looking for quick pick-up games anytime, anywhere. For the hardcore players, the game has 3v3 Ranked Mode to fuel your hunger to dominate the digital hardcourt.

Basketball is all about teamwork and that is the ultimate goal in PlayPark StreetBallers. Up to three unique players can play in a team, and in the Club System, you can create your own Club, recruit other gamers to join, and challenge other Clubs here and in the rest of Southeast Asia.

Pre-registration is now available for PlayPark StreetBallers. Early birds will have access to exclusive rewards with more to be unlocked as the milestones are reached. At 260,000 pre-registrants or more, a special surprise package tier will be accessed with even bigger rewards! Check out the official trailer here to get extra hyped!

For more information, be sure to check out the Instagram page and website here. Get hyped with other ballers and join the Discord group and official PlayPark StreetBallers Facebook page

About PlayPark Street Ballers

PlayPark Street Ballers is an action-packed mobile game that takes basketball with you wherever you go. Featuring optimized controls for mobile devices on the Android and Apple platforms, PlayPark Street Ballers takes you right into the action with 3v3, 2v2, or 1v1 game modes. 

Create your dream court and player uniform down to the kicks with the customization system only available in PlayPark Street Ballers. Get hyped and dominate the competition!

You can customize your players, form the best team that will dominate the digital hardcourt, and go head to head against other players in the Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia. You can also form a Club and participate in competitive ranked matches against other clubs in real time and see how you stack up against the competition.


About PlayPark


PlayPark, an online game publisher in Southeast Asia under Asiasoft Corporation Public Company Limited, currently has employees in six countries: Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Vietnam.

PlayPark has launched more than 175 PC and mobile games covering a wide range of genres, including MMORPG, SRPG, Casual, FPS, and MOBA, operating more than 29 live games currently. Other than specializing in in-game service, Asiasoft also understands the different needs and preferences of the markets it is operating in, with a comprehensive team in Southeast Asia. As a result, it contributed to the huge success of launching and operating a variety of games.

Over the years, Asiasoft has launched PC games such as Ragnarok (TH), Yulgang Online (TH, VN), Audition (TH, SG, PH, MY), MapleStory SEA (MY, SG), MU Online (TH, SG, PH, MY, ID), Cabal Online (TH, PH), MAT2 (SG, PH, MY), Heroes of the Storm (TH, SG, MY, PH), and mobile games such as Line Dragonica Mobile (TH, SG, PH, MY, ID, VN), Ragnarok Mobile (TH), TS Online Mobile (TH), Club Audition Mobile (SG, PH, MY). With such an impressive portfolio,  Asiasoft has gained the confidence of world-class game developers such as Blizzard Entertainment, Sony Online Entertainment, SEGA, CAPCOM, NEXON, Gravity, HanbitSoft to work with us.

With 21 years of experience in the gaming industry, Asiasoft has published the most number of MMORPG games in Southeast Asia, with an active player base in the region of more than 7 million IDs.

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