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Wild Rift League-Asia Esports in 2023

The exciting new Wild Rift League-Asia is set to officially kick off this April. This year, teams from WRL CN and WRL APAC will battle it out on stage and showcase the highest level of Wild Rift gameplay.  

Tournament Ecosystem

Wilf Rift League-ASIA

Wild Rift League-Asia will consist of 20 teams with 12 teams from WRL CN and eight teams from WRL APAC.

Teams from WRL APAC can advance to WRL APAC Open Qualifier through regional tournaments and gain the opportunity to advance to Wild Rift League-Asia.

WRT Challenger Tournament 

While the WRL Challenger tournament (WRLC) will no longer take place, teams will still be able to compete in the WRT Challenger tournament (WRTC). Teams from WRL CN will still be able to advance to the WRT by participating in the region’s Wild Rift National League (WRN).

Wild Rift Tour 

The third Wild Rift Tour (WRT3) will have a single season throughout the year, with second level WRL CN pro teams competing in up to six separate tournaments to determine the 2023 champion. The first, second, and third runner-up teams will be determined by points earned in each tournament.

WRT3 looks to provide fresh blood for the entire WRL CN professional ecosystem by cultivating new players, coaches, and practitioners. It will also introduce a series of player policies throughout the tournament to promote the development of the entire professional wild rift esports system.

2023 Season Timeline

The first season of Wild Rift League-Asia (WRL A1) is scheduled to run from April to July while the second season of Wild Rift League-Asia (WRL A2) is scheduled to run from September to December. The two seasons are expected to cover a total of eight months, giving esports fans a wealth of content to watch. The official transfer window is expected to start from August to September this year, and a short official break will take place from January to February in 2024.

Two other equally exciting tournaments of secondary leagues: WRT3 of WRL CN will run from April to November this year, and the regional events of WRL APAC will run from June to November this year.

WRL APAC Open Qualifier and WRL A1 competition system


The WRL APAC Open Qualifier has already begun, with 8 teams from Vietnam, 16 teams from Philippines, 16 teams from Southeast Asia having participated in the first stage of the tournament earlier this month.  



Following the first stage of the competition, two teams from each region will qualify to participate in the second stage of WRL APAC Open Qualifier, which will be held from February 17th to February 19th, along with the two seeded teams from their respective local regions. Two qualifying teams from each of the three local regions will advance to WRL A1.


The Last Chance Qualifier (LCQ) will be open to all WRL APAC teams that have yet to progress to WRL A1, the winner of which will be the final team advancing to the WRL A1. Simultaneously, one team will be invited directly from South Korea to go to WRL A1.


Ultimately, eight teams will be selected from WRL APAC: Vietnam (2 slots), Philippines (2 slots), Southeast Asia (2 slots), South Korea (1 slot), and LCQ (1 slot). The teams at the bottom of the WRL APAC rankings will compete in the WRL APAC relegation events for future WRL APAC seats.  

The subsequent WRL A1 competitions will be divided into three stages: regular season, playoffs, and finals.

We will share more information on the Wild Rift League-Asia later this year, and the venue for the WRL A1 finals is being actively planned at the moment. Please stay tuned. Follow @WildRiftEsports for more updates.


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