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New Genshin Impact leaks reveal new Kaeya costume as well as new Klee costume

Here’s a new Genshin Impact leak regarding new Kaeya costume and new Klee costume too!

This new batch of costumes comes hot off the heels of the Lisa and Ayaka skins that came out as a leak last week.

The Kaeya skin leak had a number of images available already including the 3D model superimposed onto the sketch of him. The most notable change for the new Kaeya costume is that he’s wearing a pair of baggy pants and follows a Sumeru-ish style of clothing.


We still don’t know how this is going to be part of the story as in the past we’ve seen various ways new skins have been integrated. It could be a special limited event where there’s a story that needs to be played through with the skin being added up as a reward in the end. It can also be just an additional item for sale in the in-game store.

Meanwhile, Pyro WMD Klee is also getting her own costume that’s really pretty and at the same time giving off this Halloween vibe.

She even has a witch’s hat similar to Lisa’s.

We’ll be sure to post more on these costumes as details become more available.

Meanwhile you can still play Genshin Impact right now as its available on various platforms including the Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Android and iOS!

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