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Avatar The Way of Water Review

Here’s my Avatar The Way of Water Review starring Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, Sigourney Weaver, Kate Winslet, Stephen Lang and more! Directed by James Cameron from 20th Century Studios.

This review is courtesy of Vinni Misa / Vinni Todd!

Set more than a decade since the first film, Avatar: The Way of Water follows the Sully family, who must now flee their forest home after the human colonists returned to Pandora, with the task of eliminating Jake Sully.

While the first film impressed audiences around the world with its well-crafted visuals and heartfelt script, earning its title for awhile as the highest grossing film.

The sequel offers nothing new to the table aside from improved graphics and scenery, dulled by underwhelming story and cheap dialogue that forces audiences to care for the characters, ironically in a way that emotions feel artificial rather than organic.

Not to mention the high frame rate that makes it hard to appreciate certain emotional moments. Avatar: The Way of Water feels more stiff than fluid as water. 5/10.

Earl’s take:

Avatar: The Way of Water is a mixed bag for me. It looks gorgeous especially if you catch it on IMAX screens but at the same time the plot’s just so meh.

Jake Sully’s family is one of the fun factors here and also the ones that make the plot move forward. They’ll also be the reason your blood boils but that’s OK because the movie is saved with the power of family.

The underwater scenes with the new creatures just look so good. Sometimes I forget that I’m watching a movie about Slender Man-esque aliens defending their world from human invaders.

Speaking of invaders, I really love how the film reminds us of how much an invasive species we are. Like we already lost the first time and we’re back on the same planet again? The same planet and race that whooped our asses before? Really???

The cast is engaging and endearing. Sam Worthington (who looks and sounds like he’s mellowed out after years of not getting big budget Hollywood projects) continues to amaz as Jake. Zoe Saldana is also here and she’s got a lot of great moments.

The run time was OK for me. I see a lot of comments not happy with the run time but I love the 3 hour long film. I do know that there were times when the film was dragging but its not too exposition-heavy so that’s OK with me. Compare that with a film that’s all talk and very little action.

I’m giving this a little higher than Vinni’s score.



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