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Spider-Man teams up with the Sinister Six – Amazing Spider-Man # 900 Spoilers

In Spider-Man’s 900th issue which happens in Amazing Spider-Man # 6 / Amazing Spider-Man # 900 we find a cool moment when Spider-Man teams up with the Sinister Six in a recent issue written by Zeb Wells and art by Ed McGuinness.

We get a John Romita Jr cover too which is rather meh if you ask me.

Anyway in this story, Peter Parker celebrates his birthday but that party with his friends and family gets interrupted with J. Jonah Jameson being strapped into Doctor Octopus’ tentacles. A new “Living Brain” was working in the background collecting both villains and supporting characters as Spider-Man is trying to understand what and who Spider-Man is.

Spider-Man is beaten up by a Super Adaptoid robot that’s been given the powers and skills of the Sinister Six. In the ensuing chaos which also involved Flash Thompson aka Venom, Black Cat and Mockingbird. Spidey leads the Adaptoid away from his friends and ends up in the same room where the Sinister Six have been held captive. Parker strikes a deal with his classic villains and they team up to fight the Sinister Super Adaptoid.

And I kinda like that even though they are getting ready to fight an android with all of the abilities, they still are able to trade quips and shots.

And while this team up is cool, it doesn’t go for a long time as these fellows have a ton of ego between them and working together takes a backseat to killing Spider-Man. More on that in the next few posts.

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