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Epson launches compact all-in-one Full HD Smart projector designed for versatility in multiple settings

PHILIPPINES, 25 November 2022 – Epson,the No.1 selling projector manufacturer worldwide, announced a new addition to their projector series, the CO-FH02. This Full HD Smart projector is designed to offer a seamless usage for consumers and businesseswhose activities and operations are conducted in various environments.Providingconvenience and flexibility in an all-in-one package, high quality image presentations can be delivered anywhere and at any time.

High Clarity

Offering a brightness of 3,000 lumens and a Full HD/1080P resolution,the CO-FH02 allows userto carry out clear and vivid presentations.Users can enjoy large, vivid displays to immerse themselves and enjoy the full experience of using a high-quality visual device.Thisnew projector enhances the cinematic experience ofstreaming movies and other types of entertainment at home, alongside audiovisual facilitation of business meetings, presentations, and discussions in and out of the office. Furthermore, educators can utilize the projectorto promote visual learning with greater content accessibility.


Hassle-free Portability

Hampered by restrictions on physical meetings brought about by the pandemic, organizations are looking to reduce their physical office space and introduce hotdesking to meet new demands of flexible work.However, common officeequipmentlike Flat Panel Displaysin Work-From-Home (WFH) or Small Office Home Office (SOHO)environments are not always the most space-efficient.To address this, the CO-FH02’s portability with its lightweight and compact design enables users to conveniently carry and install the projector in different environments, to project visuals that are integral in facilitating discussions and small conferences outside of the office. The CO-FH02 appeals to not only business users, but also home users due to its versatility, creating an enjoyable experience in entertainment, learning, and large-screen infotainment. In addition, the CO-FH02 comes with a fixed inbuilt lamp that is covered by 2 years’ warranty.


Comprehensive Features

Leveraging the rise of consumer adoption of streaming videoservices, the CO-FH02 can function as a smart projector as itis bundled with theAndroid TV™[1] Dongle that enables streaming and Chromecast built-in™ features. The projector also boasts a powerful sound output of 5W and can operate wirelessly.Altogether, the CO-FH02 is a well-rounded projector that provides users a multitude of visual experiencesasits on-demand featuresare designed to meet all of one’s lifestyle needs, whether educational, cinematic, or for business.

“TheCO-FH02 is Epson’s latest all-in-one Full HD Smart Projector whichoffers great versatility in varied settings for both businesses and consumers,” commentedEd Bonoan, General Manager for Marketing Division at Epson Philippines. “We are confident that the CO-FH02 can address the growing demand for high-qualityimage projection at work and at homeby delivering immersive visual experiences that can adapt smoothly to different use case scenarios and environments.”

The new Epson CO-FH02 projector is now available for sale in the Philippines. Visit epson.com.ph  or contact your nearest Epson Authorized Dealer store for more information.



About Epson

Epson is a global technology leader dedicated to co-creating sustainability and enriching communities by leveraging its efficient, compact, and precision technologies and digital technologies to connect people, things, and information. The company is focused on solving societal issues through innovations in home and office printing, commercial and industrial printing, manufacturing, visual and lifestyle. Epson will become carbon negative and eliminate use of exhaustible underground resources such as oil and metal by 2050. Led by the Japan-based Seiko Epson Corporation, the worldwide Epson Group generates annual sales of more than JPY 1 trillion.



About Epson Singapore

Since 1982, Epson has developed a strong presence across major markets in Southeast Asia and South Asia. Led by the regional headquarters Epson Singapore, Epson’s business in Southeast Asia spans an extensive network of 11 countries with a comprehensive infrastructure of close to 500 service outlets, 7 manufacturing facilities and 6 Epson solution centres.




About Epson Philippines

Epson’s corporate presence in the Philippines commenced in 1998. It grew rapidly into a billion-peso company in a span of a few years from its establishment due to its client-oriented approach in its business management by its dedicated and innovative staff members and officers. Epson Philippines has an extensive network of 77 Authorized Service Centers nationwide with more than 200 dealers and more than 800 shops across the country. For more details, please visit our website (www.epson.com.ph), our Facebook (http:www.facebook.com/EpsonPhilippines), or our LinkedIn page (https://www.linkedin.com/company/epson-philippines-corporation/).

[1] Google, Google Play, YouTube, Android TV and other marks are trademarks of Google LLC. Google Assistant is not available in certain languages and countries. Availability of services varies by country and language.

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