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More proof that My Hero Academia’s Mirko was based on Megan Thee Stallion

It looks like My Hero Academia creator’s Kohei Hirokoshi was really fond of rapper Megan Thee Stallion and was one of the inspiration behind the rabbit hero Mirko.

Check out more photos that put Mirko and Megan side by side with the same vibe!


About Mirko

Mirko aka Rumi Usagiyama has an athletic yet curveacous figure with muscular arms and legs, who stands slightly below average height. Rumi has dark skin, red eyes which are tilted slightly inwards, long eyelashes, and straight white hair that used to reach down past her waist, but she had later cut short.

On her head, she has a pair of long white rabbit ears pointing upwards with a slight crook. Along with these, she also has a white round tail, which gives her overall design a definite resemblance to an albino rabbit.

Her hero costume consists of a sleeveless white leotard with dark purple trim around her shoulders and waist, a wide yellow crescent moon design over her chest, and a single thick metal plate wrapped around her midriff.

She wears purple thigh-high boots to compliment her leotard, with more plating around the heel and toe areas, making her feet look like those of a rabbit. She also has a pair of thick, white gloves on her hands with long cuffs, sporting small triangular protrusions around their edges.

During the Jaku General Hospital raid, her left forearm was crushed and her right shin was stabbed by a High-End Nomu, while the tip of her right ear got sliced off. In the aftermath of the War, she now possesses a prosthetic left forearm and right leg, which are interchangeable in case they get destroyed. During the Final War, her right forearm is bitten off by a mouth on Tomura Shigaraki’s arm growth.

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