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GIGA studios announces JAV production called Kaiju Sentai Jyuukaizar

Japanese adult film company GIGA has recently announced a new project they are working on titled Kaiju Sentai Jyuukaizer which is obviously going to be a R-18 skin flick.

Well that’s oversimplifying the whole thing because it looks like it will be following its predecessor in terms of execution. That would be Kyusei Sentai Wakusaver. We’ll talk more about that in a bit but first, let’s look at the Kaiju Sentai Jyuukaizar trailer.

OK here’s how they structured Wakusaver. They released five episodes of the super sentai series online and free to view because it’s actually a Super Sentai series albeit not under Toei. Then GIGA releases a sixth episode as a DVD and that’s where all the dirty stuff comes into play. That’s what some fans and sources refer to as the “bad ending” where something bad happens to the female member of the team.

I’m pretty sure there’ll be a lot of confused boners around the time the DVD/ sixth episode comes out. Also I heard through forums and FB groups that the quality of Wakusaver was pretty good. So unless they change writers for this show, we could expect the same quality for Jyuukaizar / Zyukaizar.

What do you think of this series so far?

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