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Prime Video PH holds special Chainsaw Man watch party at Yes Please

Prime Video PH recently invited me to a special Chainsaw Man watch party which was held at Yes Please at Bonifacio Global City!

The series follows Denji, a young man who gets cursed to live a life of that of a demon and a human and thrust into the Devil Hunter group in this fictional Japan. Along the way, Denji meets new people who become his friends and allies as well as to continue living a life for him and his devil pet Pochita.

The event screened the first episode of the series which was written and drawn by Tatsuki Fujimoto.


It was a fun event where they invited a ton of cosplayers who all wore their best Chainsaw Man cosplay from now-familiar characters like Denji and Makima to characters set to appear in future episodes of the series.


In attendance were Zack Tolosa, Elijah Tolosa and Roxanne Kho.

Plus a number of esteemed colleagues from the geek journo community in Manila and PH.


Gotta love the presentation and the motif and even the music they blasted for the event. And the best part was the claw machine which had a bunch of anime-related merch including McFarlane Toys My Hero Academia figures!

And of course, there’s the actual screening of the first episodes…

Thanks for having us Prime Video PH!

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