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The Cosplayers from Cosplay Mania 2022 Day 1 powered by Bilibili

Bilibili got us in to Cosplay Mania 2022 and we’re showing off some of the cosplayers from Day 1 shot by the brilliant Alec Egido!

Check out more photos down below:

First a word from our sponsor Bilibili…

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Xarin Zuther as Rosaria from Genshin Impact

Nilou – Genshin Impact





Genshin Impact – Dainsleif



Arcane / League of Legends – Jinx


Sandro the Marrionette (Genshin Impact) – Bea Bianca 

Chainsaw Man

One Piece


Green Ranger – Power Rangers

Michael Myers – Halloween 



Genkai – Yu Yu Hakusho

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