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New Madame Web leaked photos reveal a possible evil Spider-Man character fighting Dakota Johnson

We got a number of new Madame Web leaked photos from the set which shows the production team shooting an action scene involving Dakota Johnson’s Madame Web stunt double against actor Tahar Rahim suited up as what I can describe as an evil Spider-Man character.

Check out the photos after the cut.

Initially I really thought that that was Aaron Taylor Johnson but nope, this is Tahar Rahim and he’s wearing a spider-suit with red linings. And it looks like the scene’s setting will be on a bridge. Let’s assume that the evil spider-dude grabbed her and dropped along those girders.

They also shot a scene involving the stunt double for actress Celeste O’ Connor appearing to save the titular Madame Web.


This film now makes sense especially since Sony Pictures continues to push the narrative for the film being about a clairvoyant Julia Carpenter Madame Web. Somebody from the Spider-Verse is looking to either kill her or steal her powers. Plus there’s the rumor that she’s also taking Richard and Mary Parker’s unborn baby under her protection.

So that will work. But the film’s quality is still up for debate.

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