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Hasbro launches Indiana Jones Adventure Series starting with Raiders of the Lost Ark Indiana Jones figure

Hasbro has recently announced a new line of action figures called the Indiana Jones Adventure Series which will feature the good doctor together with some of his memorable friends and enemies in the four movie installment (soon to be five).

Check out the official images for one of the first figures announced for the series, Indiana Jones himself based loosely on the likeness of actor Harrison Ford.

Plus as I mentioned earlier, this figure is part of a Raiders of the Lost Ark wave which will also have other characters that appeared in the film. Just like what they do with Marvel Legends Series, buying the whole set will give you an extra accessory which is the “Ark of the Covenant”.

And still on the subject of Indiana Jones and his accessories, we got tons…

We will be getting alternate hands, Indy’s bag, revolver, his trademark bullwhip and these bad boys.

Sadly we don’t get the boulder that chased down Doctor Jones at the start of Raiders…

This figure and the rest of the wave will be hitting stores April 2023 and is currently on pre-order for just $24.99. Follow me on Twitter and Facebook for more geek news and updates!

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