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HUAWEI nova Y70 Review

Here’s my Huawei Nova Y70 review which is now available in the market and features 6000 mAh battery, 22.5W Huawei SuperCharge, triple camera system with 48 MP main camera and more!

What’s in the box 

The box comes in the standard all-white format with the logo and model type upfront. Below you’ll see what’s actually inside the Huawei nova Y70 box.

Inside you have the wall charger, the USB-C cable, the actual smartphone unit, the box for the manual, SIM ejector and jelly casing.


Huawei Nova Y70 Specs

6000 mAh Battery
● 22.5 W HUAWEI SuperCharge
● 6.75-inch HUAWEI FullView Display
● HUAWEI SuperSound Technology
● 4GB RAM, 128GB Storage
● AI Triple Camera
○ 48 MP Main Camera (f/1.8 aperture)
○ 5 MP Telephoto Camera (f/2.2 aperture)
○ 2 MP Ultra-Wide-Angle Camera (f/2.4 aperture)
○ 8 MP Selfie Camera (f/2.0 aperture)
● Super Device – Seamless All-Scenario Experience


The Huawei nova Y70 follows the familiar design for most of Huawei’s smartphone products and I have to say it’s pretty great for the price range.

huawei nova y70

The unibody back is made of plastic and puts the triple AI camera setup on the left hand side of the phone. It’s also here where you can find the LED flash for the smartphone. As usual, my gripe here is that the plastic is too much of a fingerprint magnet so I suggest you get a jelly case or any other protective case ready for when you want to use the phone immediately.

The right side of the phone houses the power button / fingerprint scanner and volume controls/ volume rocker.

huawei nova y70

The left side of the phone is where the SIM tray is placed.

huawei nova y70

The nova Y70 unfortunately doesn’t have dual SIM functions but you can have one SIM card and one MicroSD card onboard at all times.

huawei nova y70

The bottom of the phone unit also features the USB port, the headphone jack and the forward firing speaker.

huawei nova y70



huawei nova y70 display

huawei nova y70 display

For the display, I actually admired Huawei for the quality on their smartphone. For this price range you get a 6.75 IPS LCD display. Sure its not LED but come on, on a tight budget, that’s pretty neat. Resolution is OK too with 720 x 1600 pixels resolution and 84.1% screen-to-body ratio. 20:9 ratio isn’t bad at all too.

Whether you’re streaming a video, scrolling through social media or playing games, you can still be sure that you get quality output.


huawei nova y70

Here are some samples of the camera.

Again, the nova Y70 has a main camera with 48MP output and as you can see, it does wonders for outdoor shots even with low light settings. The main camera also has 5 MP Telephoto Camera (f/2.2 aperture) which actually takes decent shots.

huawei nova y70 zoom test 1

huawei nova y70 zoom test 1


huawei nova y70 zoom test 2


huawei nova y70 zoom test 3


huawei nova y70 zoom test 4

This smartphone’s wide angle lens reads like a budget phone but I’m actually surprised at the quality of the wide angle shots.

huawei nova y70 wide angle


huawei nova y70 wide angle


huawei nova y70 wide angle

huawei nova y70 wide angle

The nova Y70 also sports a 8 MP Selfie Camera (f/2.0 aperture) which is hit or miss for me. Outdoor shots range from OK to “hey that’s really awesome”.

Huawei nova y70 selfie shot test

Huawei nova y70 selfie shot test

There’s also some sense of stabilization here (because I took that selfie from a moving tricycle for the lulz) and it also processes light exposure pretty well. Not bad for a front camera with “low MP output”.

There are other features too for the camera but it’s not a lot.

These features includes:

  • Pro mode
  • High Res
  • Stickers
  • Moving Picture
  • Time-Lapse
  • Light Painting
  • Panorama
  • Slow-mo

UI/UX and Performance

The Nova Y70 features the EMUI 12 OS with no Google Support. The layout and User Interface are definitely very Google but don’t expect Google Play functions or features. Still it’s not a big change so users can swiftly catch on how to use the phone.

The brightness can be adjusted

Its definitely also thinking of its users from different age groups with a lot of things you can adjust or move around with like the text size and dark mode.

Simple mode is also available in this phone

… which you can toggle on and off anytime you want.

Oh and I haven’t forgotten about the storage used when you pop open the phone for the first time.


I did take a few photos at this in the review process but it roughly amounts to this.



The Huawei nova Y70 features a 6000mAh battery making it one of the longer-lasting smartphones available in the market this year. I brought the phone fully charged to work and used it for games and taking photos and the moment I got home, it just hit the 50% mark. This is definitely a dealbreaker for people who are on the fence about getting this smartphone.


I loved the quality of the sound on the nova Y70. Again working on the budget that we have, the sound quality is great. The bass has a lot more kick but again, just have to remind you, manage your expectations. You want bigger and better then go for the Huawei P-series phones because they definitely provide a LOT.

The Huawei nova Y70 is priced at PHP 9,999 and is available at the HUAWEI Online Store, Lazada, and Shopee.

So what do you think of this Huawei Nova Y70 review? Cop or drop? Leave a comment below and follow me on Twitter and Facebook for more tech news and updates!

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