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Iza Calzado as Darna looks so stunning

ABS-CBN has released the first trailer for Darna and we have our official look at Iza Calzado as Darna!

Iza plays the role of the first Darna, Leonor Custodio, a mother of two and secretly the superpowered Darna. Later on in the series, she passes the mantle of Darna to her daughter (De Leon) and that’s the Darna we will be following in the series.

Here’s what she wrote on social media:

“At a time of great crisis, there has got to be a hero we can relate to—someone who brings out the best in us and a representation not only of our strong but loving and compassionate core. A hero who has learned to embrace her strengths and weaknesses, knowing fully well that this only makes the light within brighter and allows for others to see and experience their own light,”

Credits to ABS-CBN

The new Darna TV series will star Jane De Leon, Zildjian Jaranilla, Joshua Garcia, Iza Calzado and Janella Salvador.

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