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Amber Heard posts statement about defamation verdict,

Johnny Depp‘s ex-wife and Aquaman star Amber Heard has some choice words following the release of the verdict on her and ex huband’s defamation case that has been running for weeks.

In her post, she states that she was disappointed “beyond words” stating that despite the “mountain of evidence” presented to court, it wasn’t enough to fight the power of her ex-husband’s influence and power.

She also states that her loss could affect what it would mean for women in the same position as her.

She also zoomed in on freedom of speech and how her ex-husband’s attorneys managed to make everybody avoid freedom of speech.

The Aquaman star also closed her statement by saying that she has “lost a right I thought I had as an American – to speak freely and openly”.

Check out what Amber Heard wrote down below:


Verdict is still out on what happens next and how this defamation case would affect her Hollywood career. Some sources say that due to the case, Heard’s appearance and involvement in the upcoming Aquaman 2 aka Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom has been drastically lowered with only roughly 10 minutes of screentime and dialogue.

Meanwhile Heard’s ex Johnny Depp also posted a message after his defamation case victory. Check it out HERE.

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