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Ox Street is the new playground for Pinoy sneakerheads

There’s no doubt that Filipinos have an enduring love affair with sneakers. We love sports. We are also consumed by fashion, and sneakers are the junction where these two passions connect.  In fact, according to a recent report by Carousell, the leading classified ads platform in the country, the Philippines is among the top three countries in the Asia Pacific region with the highest interest in sneakers.

This is why the news that Ox Street, one of the fastest-growing end-to-end marketplaces for authenticated sneakers and streetwear in the region, has joined the Carousell Group, and is expanding its presence in the Philippines is such a welcome development for Filipino sneakerheads.

With this exciting news, local sneaker fans now have a legit and truly reliable platform where they can resell or buy quality sneakers. With Ox Street, users are assured of the security and authenticity of sneakers that they will buy or sell, especially for those rare designs and styles.

The booming sneaker resale market

The expansion of Ox Street to the Philippines and across the Asia Pacific region is also a reflection of the booming resale market for sneakers. In Ox Street, 80% of sneakerheads said that they have tried to buy sneakers on the resale market.   And users are willing to shell out cash to get hold of hard-to-find styles – be it a pair of Air Jordan, Nike Dunks, or Yeezy. In fact, the most expensive pair of sneakers ever sold on Ox Street was the Dior x Air Jordan 1 High which was sold for an estimated amount of USD7,500.

Guaranteed authentic

The Ox Street team inspects and authenticates every pair of sneakers before it reaches buyers. With Ox Street’s strong domain of expertise in the streetwear industry, this will give customers the assurance that the items listed on the platform are legit and authentic, and will protect Filipino sneakerheads against fraudulent online sellers.

Ox Street is the new playground…

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“We are looking forward to creating more innovation and reaching more buyers and sellers as we build a trusted platform for buying and selling the best limited-edition sneakers,” said Ox Street founder and CEO Gijs Verheijke.

Reaching out to Pinoy sneakerheads

With its growing popularity in the local streetwear culture, Ox Street is indeed the newest playground for local sneakerheads whose growth is driven by “millennial and Gen Z Filipinos starting to earn more, and spending some of their earnings on getting the sneakers they have always wanted,” adds Gijs.

High up on the agenda for the Philippines is reaching out to local users. Ox Street Philippines Marketing Manager Jasper Delegencia has been reaching out to Filipino users for feedback. “We’re taking part in relevant events and gatherings. We are also partnering with various local brands to help small Filipino businesses.”

Shared values

Carousell co-founder and CEO Quek Siu Rui shared that the Ox Street and Carousell partnership is fueled by both company’s common values of being a user-first platform and building communities. This is evident in the brand love that Ox Street has created amongst their dedicated community of sneakerheads and fashion enthusiasts, especially amongst Gen Z consumers.

The partnership also reflects both Ox Street and Carousell’s deep commitment to reimagining the online classified ads experience with a focus on trust, convenience, and to make secondhand the first choice.


About Ox Street

Ox Street is one of the leading end-to-end marketplaces for authenticated sneakers and streetwear in Southeast Asia focused on Gen Z and Y consumers in the region. There are 85 million Gen Z and Y consumers in Southeast Asia, who together will spend 128 billion USD on fashion in 2025. None of them are wearing suits, and these consumers spend a lot of time on their phones. Ox Street’s mission is to create a new way to shop, where buying and selling second-hand feels just as seamless as a luxury eCommerce experience. The company was founded in November 2019 and is currently operating in 8 markets across the Asia Pacific region.


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