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Stranger Things 4 references Ferdinand Marcos and Martial Law in an unexpected way

Netflix has released Stranger Things 4 aka Stranger Things season 4 this weekend and while we’re all hyped to see the next adventures of Eleven and the rest of her friends, it was also a big surprise to see a reference to dictator Ferdinand Marcos Sr. and his brutal regime under Martial Law via a Newsweek magazine cover…

That’s definitely Marcos Sr. and its also an actual issue released by Newsweek in the 80s although Netflix and the Duffer Brothers made changes to it. Here’s the actual cover to that Newsweek issue with Ferdinand Marcos…

Here’s another shot

And in case you’re not tuned in to Philippine politics, his son, Ferdinand Marcos Jr or Bongbong Marcos has won the national election and is now the new president of the Philippines beating political rival Vice President Leni Robredo with a big difference in votes.

In the meantime, Stranger Things 4 or at least one half of it is currently streaming on Netflix. The second half will drop 1st of July and will be the season finale or so it seems.

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