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Future of Workspaces: Rethinking the Hybrid Corporate Setup with Epson

It is no secret that the world is in transition–the pandemic has fundamentally altered the way people relate to workspaces. As companies have started shifting towards the hybrid work setting, they must also embrace flexibility and enhance resilience for business continuity and growth. The reality of living and working in modern societal conditions means blurred lines between work, collaboration, and multimedia engagement.

Marking a shift in general perceptions, the pandemic heightened environmental consciousness among businesses, consumers, and governments. Academic studies on green workplace practices in manufacturing and enterprise sectors in Southeast Asian countries have found that green innovation showcases a significant positive effect on company performance and intrinsic motivation.

With an increasing demand for environmentally-responsible options that offer flexibility across various needs, consumers are more inclined to choose versatile products that assist in maintaining a proper work-life balance.

Choose Heat-Free Printing for Responsible and Effective Solutions to Everyday Needs

Whether a corporate office or a home-based school and work set-up, Epson’s Heat-Free Technology provides the solution to your needs, while doing more for the environment.

As the world’s leading ink tank printer provider for 11 years running, Epson’s Heat-Free Inkjet Printers such as the EcoTank range and Business Inkjet Printer series allow home users and businesses to immediately save costs via energy efficiency, while delivering quality and fast production speeds.

Known for its exceptional reliability and dependable performance, Epson’s Business Inkjet Printers are powered by PrecisionCore Heat-Free Technology, the eco-friendly choice which does not use heat in its ink ejection process. Compared to laser printers, these printers emit 85% less carbon dioxide – an important aspect of responsible printing in the fight against climate change. Its high-capacity replaceable ink packs also provide users with an ultra-high page yield while keeping print costs low. This reduces waste with fewer replacements and downtime compared to laser printers, due to minimal maintenance.

The benefits from Heat-Free Technology allow for enhanced productivity while minimizing our impact on the environment, supporting a wide range of learning, working, and lifestyles without compromise.

For engineers and architects who require specialized printing solutions, the Epson T-Series Large Format Printers enable crisp precision down to minute details, suited for technical line drawings and professional posters produced in a matter of seconds.

Bolstering eco-innovation is the revolutionary Epson PaperLab – the world’s first dry office paper making system that turns used paper into fresh new sheets of paper – which helps businesses achieve minimized carbon footprint while ensuring information security. On-demand solutions for labelling such as the Epson ColorWorks and LabelWorks further reduce material waste with no pre-printing requirements and maximized usage of tape rolls respectively.


Improve Remote Co-Working Strategies While Enhancing Home Entertainment


The evolution of smart homes has led to product designs that go beyond matching the home interior, but also offer practical functions in transforming the home experience, from workday meetings to night-time fun.


Step away from staring into a tiny screen to a scalable viewing experience that provides function and flexibility across working and lifestyle options. Epson’s best-in-class laser projectors are designed to reduce environmental footprint with its small and compact size, while lasting up to 20,000 hours for maintenance-free usage. Incorporating both sustainability and efficiency features in its production and manufacturing, users can enjoy significant energy consumption savings without jeopardizing color brightness, contrast, or image quality. Alongside the integration of interactive apps like Epson Online Meetings App powered by Zoom, YouTube9 and Google Play, Epson’s projectors offer seamless connectivity and smart collaboration all in one package – while helping to embed sustainability into your everyday.


Technology Drives The Office Revolution

As businesses navigate the new world of hybrid workspaces, one thing is clear – flexible workplace arrangements are here to stay. EY’s 2021 Work Reimagined Employee Survey  revealed that nine in ten employees want work flexibility, and continued technology investment is key to improving the employee experience.

With demands for more and better technology in the future of work, Epson’s eco-friendly innovations promote increasingly flexible ways of working for effective collaboration across multiple work environments – be it at home or in the office.

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