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The many things an Old Spice man can do in a day, as explained by Junnie Boy

MANILA PHILIPPINES –If a man needs coffee pull himself together, the Old Spice man just needs a single shower with Old Spice to power him up for the day. You might be wondering, how does a single shower give the Old Spice man hat extra boost? Well man, if you haven’t watched the video from our pambansangpayaman, Junnie Boy, you can watch it here, if you dare.

The vlog of our pambansangpayamanJunnie Boy is a testament of how Old Spice helps him be confident, be the greatest at what he does, and most importantly, how washing with Old Spice leaves him with #TheSmellThatNeverDies.From workouts to playing Airsoft to Korean Barbecue dates with his family, Junnie Boy proved that Old Spice will let him smell good through it all.

When you smell your best, you feel your best and do your best– that is what Junnie Boy realized after putting the Old Spice Bars and Body Wash to the test. “’Di ako ma-perfume and shower lang talaga ang reason kung bakithindiakomabaho. Pero nung nag switch na ‘ko sa Old Spice, sabi ng tropa at of course, ng wife ko, na ang laginadawakongmabango!” says Junnie Boy.

Like our pambansangpayaman, you can smell like a real man too and feel your best no matter what you do! Get your hands on the Old Spice Bars and Body Wash by shopping through our Lazada and Shopee stores!

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