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The Right Way to Use Personas for UX Design

Programmers and web designers come across tools like UX characters from time to time. These are abstract components that are used in practice. In fact, these are fictitious representations and generalizations of target users demonstrating similar goals, points of view, behavior in relation to the web development being created. If it is difficult to deal with this issue and the use of such technology as persons on your own, then you should turn to professionals, because UX developer for hire knows how to apply everything in practice, and will also do the specified job competently. It should be noted that this will save a lot of time for the user, and in fact the concept of time is very often and naturally equated with the concept of earnings and money.

What you need to know about abstract components?

The method of using characters is suitable not only for online resources, but also for applications for mobile devices. It is known that as soon as the popularity of web design development began, people used UX design, although from the very beginning there were not enough ways and tools for this. Today, the components are really expanded, especially since each specialist has the opportunity to “freely exercise his creativity.”

It is known that brand books are used to create characters. They open up a detailed description of the standards for how best to express brand attributes through visual design and content embedded in the digital product being developed. Now brand books are rarely used, as there is an opportunity to demonstrate your creativity and recreate some ideas. Just the same, usability testing helps to bring the idea to life. This is exactly the part of the programming process that can solve the problem at the so-called tactical level.

For example, when there is a need to create a prototype and the final version, you can first use the prototype, which will help to detect a number of problems, and then create the final version. Only after understanding these concepts, you can use the characters as a tool for design decisions.

The need to create characters as design elements

Since the main method of modeling is the creation of characters, it is worth understanding what they can be and what are their distinguishing features:

  1. A character is a user archetype that is used to make decisions about product features, product characteristics, navigation process, and the way of interacting with users.
  2. The character embodies the visual side of graphic design and reveals patterns that satisfy the broad group of target audience represented by this archetype.
  3. Characters can be improved and upgraded. Graphic design does not stand still, so personas can be more fantastic or more real – it all depends on what elements the designer will use when creating graphics.

Before you create a persona, it is important to answer a number of relevant questions:

  • What specific properties are driving the brand to gain fans? So, why is it so popular among customers nowadays?
  • Why do different types of users show different behavior when using websites and web applications?
  • Which of the factors can influence the user so that he makes a purchase?

UX strategies definitely work today, because the way of creating personas is still a relevant and useful tool when building a business project structure.

What is important to know?

The person method should be introduced into the project when there is an obvious need to create characters. For example, when you need to achieve an effect in order to change the user’s behavior to further meet his needs. True, the characters in such a situation need to be worked out well, to create such user archetypes that will be based solely on real data. In essence, the persona method is a great solution for fulfilling user wishes and is still an important tool for creating a great UX strategy.

In any case, each business project is individual, so if you need to apply UX design, then this means that you cannot do without it. Characters have always been a useful tool because they “humanize” all the data collected and help to apply an approach that is focused on the target audience in the context of fast web development processes.

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