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Samsung Galaxy A03 Review – the perfect budget-friendly smartphone for students and fresh grads

Today lets check out the Samsung Galaxy A03 review which is now out in the market and retails for just Php5,490 featuring 48 megapixel main camera, 5000mAh battery and a classic design making it the perfect budget-friendly smartphone for students and fresh grads alike!

Display and Design

 For a starter smartphone, I definitely enjoyed the A03’s screen which was a 6.5 inch Infinity V-Display

The phone is also great to touch thanks to the matte finishing at the back with matching cross-hatch design. It is definitely good to look at I’ll tell you that.

Also in terms of design the Samsung Galaxy A03, it also has the standard buttons like the volume buttons and the power buttons are placed on the right side while the SIM card tray on the left side. The charging port, speaker and headphone jack can all be found at the bottom of the phone.


The fun part about the A03 is its camera. Its really what makes the phone such a good “get” especially for people who are looking for a good camera at an entry-level or at a tight budget. For starters the Galaxy A03 comes with a 48MP main camera and 2MP depth camera.

For the price point, its also loaded with a number of camera options that’s great for students who will be getting their first smartphone or fresh grads who just got an upgraded phone.

And honestly, it has all the things they would need namely:

  • Food
  • Panorama view
  • Night
  • Hyperlapse
  • Pro

Speaking of Night mode, it actually works well!

Selfies are also pretty good getting good quality selfie shots even at the front camera only busting 5 megapixels!

selfie shot using the Samsung Galaxy A03 front camera

Here are a few more sample photos I took using the Galaxy A03 main camera:

For videos here’s a quick sample:

Shooting videos have three aspect ratios for shooting namely full screen, 9:16 and 1:1. Students can also enjoy shooting either in full HD or standard HD. This can be perfect for school work, zoom meetings or even TikTok videos or vlogging thru YouTube!


Definitely happy with the battery for this smartphone. It carries a 5000mAh battery that lets you play games, stream movies, take photos and more for an entire day without even having the need to charge. Charging is fast and reliable and that’s giving other brands and phones a handicap because the Galaxy A03 comes with a standard USB Type-B charger and slot.

Samsung Galaxy A03 USB charging port


The Samsung Galaxy A03’s cable charger/ wall charger

A full charge of the Galaxy A03 can last for a full day of work and/or play. While you can totally pack your charger, the battery capacity is good enough for students for a whole day of use. I even tried running on mobile data for a whole work shift using it for social media and streaming.

UI and UX

There’s not much fuss and frills when it comes to the user experience and user interface for the Samsung Galaxy A03.

Swipe down from the home screen brings down the various options and notifications which is a standard thing for the current build for Android-powered smartphones.

Swipe up from the home screen leads you to the app gallery which is quite nicely sized. You don’t have to squint to see the apps too unlike this phone’s peers and competitors.

Apps-wise its not filled with bloatware which is good but if you’re the type who gets annoyed by branded apps by a manufacturer then you might be a little miffed because the A03 still comes with stuff like:

  • Samsung Galaxy Shop
  • Samsung Free
  • Samsung Global Goals
  • Samsung Notes

It’s not a lot though and its not super invasive in pushing services and apps.

My review unit came with 64GB storage so that’s a lot already but then again you can also improve the storage by adding in an SD card to hit as much as 1TB depending on your card.

So what do you fanboys and fangirls think of this smartphone? Should it be a cop or a drop? Leave a comment below and Follow me on Twitter at @thefanboyseo for more tech news and updates.

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