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The Adam Project Review

Here’s my The Adam Project review which stars Ryan Reynolds, Zoe Saldana, Mark Ruffalo and Jennifer Garner. It is directed by Shawn Levy who also did Free Guy.


Also beware of SPOILERS here; not major spoilers but there are still some here.

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The Adam Project is a time-travel action-adventure flick directed by Shawn Levy focusing on multiple versions of Adam Reed with the older version played by Ryan Reynolds and the younger version played Walker Scobell. In a nutshell they team up to save Adam’s wife Laura (Zoe Saldana) who died four years due to suspicious reasons.

Action Man 

There are a lot of nice action scenes and chase scenes in The Adam Project; most of them were cool but nothing really mind blowing. What makes them interesting for me is them injecting the trademark barbs and quips by Ryan Reynolds giving off this Deadpool/Star Wars vibe to it. It’s also pretty evident that they freely got some elements in choreography from Free Guy which was also an entertaining action romp.

The Time Traveler’s Tunes

The musical choices here were nice and it was a treat to actually hear a Led Zeppelin that’s not the usual stuff like Black Dog or Stairway to Heaven or Kashmir. They even integrate a nice quiet moment between the two versions of Adam with their dad’s favorite song; a nice way to remind the viewers that the mission is not over but at the same time these two people still share the same pain.

Superhero landing.

There’s just too much Star Wars here that makes me want to take it seriously. Good thing if they want to do this as a one and done but if they plan on doing more stuff like this then this could be a potential problem.



There are a lot of good CG moments but also there were tons of ugly CGI like the young Maya Sorian. It was really horrible. The younger Catherine Keener looks so bad I could hardly take her seriously. But by the third act, at least you could see that they polished the CGI. But that crucial scene was ruined for me.

Don’t get me wrong though, I liked the fresh takes on sci-fi stuff found here like those weapons they use, the ships and the time-travel element all fleshed out perfectly in the film. It’s really just there were hiccups here and there.

Daddy Issues

There’s a nice morality play here and as well as a nice story of fatherhood which I think a lot of people can relate too. This is especially true if you’re a dad. The whole prospect of passing before your kid is ready is already a scary thought and the film turns that nightmare into something tangible. How will your spouse deal with your passing and how your child or children will deal with it is something that’s explored. And they did tie this end up pretty nice especially since there’s time travel involved.

And remember to hug your moms and dads and say I love you to them because time is short and we’ll never know when we’ll never see them again.

The Adam Project is coming to Netflix starting March 16.

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