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Hitomi Tanaka retiring from JAV

Japanese adult star Hitomi Tanaka has officially announced her retirement from the AV industry.

According to reports she was already set to retire back in 2020 but her fans wanted her to continue but now she’s really pushing for retirement and focus her energy in the gaming industry. Here are translated screenshots of her retirement announcement:

In the end she says she’s grateful for the support and invited her fans to catch her final video which will also be announced soon.

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4 Responses

  1. J.P. McPickleshitter says:

    Thanks for the mammaries!

  2. Fernando says:

    I’ll miss you, Hitomi Tanaka. I love both the big tits you have and the bukkakes you did. Anyway, I hope you never ever reduce your big beautiful breasts.

  3. Jamie R Armstrong says:

    I very much enjoyed watching you. I am in love with you and wish I was important enough to meet you and court you properly.

  4. LEE says:

    I have watched and studied your work since you first began. Porn has always held my interest but since you entered into the porn industry it changed for me. Porn can be view in many different ways before i met you porn was not interesting was not good but you with your natural beautiful and funny personality made it fun and enjoyable. Through the years your films became more interesting leaving out the sickos, you became my porn sweetheart. You’re a fine actress very young to retire, perhaps make one movie a year no more. I worry for your future and hope you find a very good business man who adores you, loves you, marries you and takes care of you and together you make millions. I think you need to have a man with you you can’t be left alone.. Thank you for everything.

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