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Capcom announces Street Fighter 6 with new Street Fighter 6 teaser with bearded Ryu leading the pack

Capcom has officially announced the sixth installment in their long-running fighting game Street Fighter simply titled Street Fighter 6 with an updated look for the series protagonist Ryu and a new fighter, Luke.

Watch the Street Fighter 6 teaser below:

The Street Fighter 6 teaser was released at the end of Capcom Pro Tour and is believed to be hitting stores Summer of 2022.

In the teaser video we see a bearded Ryu going toe to toe against Luke, the most recent addition to the DLC characters for Street Fighter 5. In case you don’t know who Luke is here’s his trailer from Street Fighter 5.

Capcom also announced the Capcom Fighting Collection, an anthology of 10 classic titles including the full Darkstalkers series. The Capcom Fighting Collection will be released on June 24, 2022, for PS4, Nintendo Switch, Steam, and Xbox One.

Its really nice to know that they finally made SF6 after six years and two updates for Street Fighter 5. I liked that game a lot but we just need some fresh blood for the franchise already. Here’s to hoping we get something similar with Bandai Namco and their Tekken franchise. We want to see new stuff for Tekken 8 already.

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