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Reroute Review – Cindy Miranda, Sid Lucero, John Arcilla

Here’s my Reroute review which is now streaming on Vivamax and stars Cindy Miranda, Sid Lucero, John Arcilla and Nathalie Hart and directed by Law Fajardo!

A sexy-suspense thriller that stars some of the best and versatile actors in the Philippines headed by Venice Film Festival Best Actor John Arcilla. Reroute is a story about a couple, Trina (Cindy Miranda) and Dan (Sid Lucero), who are having marital problems after Dan accuses Trina. While having this problem in their relationship, they decide to travel down south to visit Dan’s dying father.

As they try to reach their destination, they encounter a roadblock, advising all vehicles for a reroute. Tired from driving, Dan gets frustrated after finding out that it would take them another hour if they change their course. He then decides to continue their journey on a nearby shortcut, passing through a rough and deserted road. To add mishaps to their evening, their car suddenly broke down, and here they stumble upon a strange, barefooted man named Gemo (John Arcilla). Gemo offers to help and invites them to stay overnight at his house and then help in fixing their car in the morning. Exhausted from the long travel they had, the couple accepts his offer, even if Trina senses something odd and unusual about Gemo.

The Good

  • Its a movie that’s entirely in black and white. And helps paint the isolation and the loneliness of the world where we find Trina and Dan as well as Arcilla’s Gemo.
  • From the time the film starts to the ending, the musical score was good. Definitely puts more tension. Even the sex scenes here still has this foreboding air in it.
  • Sound design is also good. I actually give a thumbs up to the film and I rarely comment about a movie’s sound design.
  • John Arcilla continues to show us why he’s an internationally acclaimed and award winning actor. His role here is one of sheer terror and one of pure evil. The guy can casually abuse both his guests and even resort to murder.
  • It pushes the uncomfortable level to a whole new level without very minimum or barely there violent scenes which I think is good.
  • Pretty good indie film vibe; something that I really wanted to see in a while.

  • I found my top 2 creepy song cover. Number 1 still has to be Mark Hamill as the Joker, singing “Only You” from the Batman: Arkham Knight game. But Reroute gives us a very sinister John Arcilla singing “O Ilaw”. It should be requisite to have a guitar scene for this man.

  • I also liked that the film ended on such a bleak tone. Like nobody got a happy ending and even the one person who survived the ordeal may never truly recover from the horrors.

The Bad

  • There are still sex scenes that really just gives viewers a titilating time. Kinda ruins the already good start especially if you’re really just in it for the plot and the mystery.
  • Its still riddled with a bunch of plot holes and mental flexing especially with the technology we already use to travel these days. But then again, we all find ourselves in situations where we are forced to push through our intended destination even if it means taking a reroute.
  • They also kind of forgotten the tease about Nathalie Hart’s character as the timid Lala and that big moment of her demonic tattoo on her back complete with the pentagram. Or maybe I was reading on to that too much.
  • Trigger warning too for rape and violence against women.
  • The film knows what it wants to show but its kind of hard to really get a grasp of what it was telling but still, its a good movie.

Now excuse me while I watch Zack Snyder’s Justice League Justice is Gray edition.

Reroute Review Verdict: 8/10

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