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Top Selling Commodities in 2021 at Home Credit

As expected, the greater usage of digital payments was seen in 2021 with more and more Filipinos finally embracing safe and convenient options for their daily spending and transactions. One of the fastest growing digital service providers who surely felt this uptick in the volume of digital payments usage is Home Credit. For that year alone, they recorded more than 2 million additional users in their mobile app and more than 1.8 million who availed the online shopping feature of their consumer financing services.


Aside from these two interesting consumer trends that they noted, the longtime leader in the buy & now pay later (BNPL) space summarizes below its top selling commodities to paint a picture of what defined 2021 for them and their customers. Now let’s break down the top items that were mostly added to your carts and checked out:

In 2021, many people looked for items that will allow them to work and play seamlessly in the comfort of their homes. Smartphones remained to be the top commodity comprising half of the total sales in 2021 at 52%.  

With smartphones leading as the top selling item, the brands that also took the top spot are those from the mobile phone industry namely Oppo, RealMe, Vivo, Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, and Apple – all of which performed strongly in the market. The OPPO A94 became the best-selling smartphone of the previous year, thanks to its reliable camera features that’s perfect for taking pictures or even vlogging. At an affordable price, it also has a capable gaming performance for your favorite mobile games.  

Laptop sales also doubled last year compared to the previous year and the obvious driver for this growth was brought by millions of workers and students who are still at a work-from-home or online class setup. ACER proved to be the laptop brand of choice and their Aspire line-up was a hit for users looking for a device that can get the job done when it comes to ordinary, everyday tasks but without the huge cost.   

With infinite content to consume and the convenience of easily connecting streaming platforms, televisions still reign as THE device to complete the viewing experience. Consumers seemed to agree since more than a hundred thousand television units were sold last year, one of the highest next to smartphones. And their go-to brand? Pensonic LED3257 which features HD screen resolution, Android/Smart TV options and a budget-friendly price.    

Panasonic also took its rightful place in the top 10 list of best-selling brands as laundy washers, refrigerators and other home and kitchen appliances were still in-demand last year, which goes to show that consumers still find home appliances as essential items to make it easier to accomplish household tasks.

Panasonic NA-FD85X1HRM Top Load Inverter


Air conditioners also saw a 125% increase in sales during the height of the summer. A great number of shoppers definitely preferred inverter aircons because of its energy saving technology that lets you save more on monthly bills.  


Additionally, bicycle sales continue to soar with more than 50,000 units sold last year. The continuous increase in sales reflects the growing interest of Filipinos in practicing a more active lifestyle and an alternative day-to-day transportation.   

Trinx Striker K014


In terms of area, Cebuanos took the top spot for the highest sales at 7.1%, alongside the province of Cavite. As seen in the breakdown below, provinces dominated the list with most sales coming from Calabarzon area and a few in the North.  

These trends only show that consumers’ varied necessities or interests can be reflected in the things they purchase. Whether it’s an item that people always buy or something that the present situation calls for or demands, Home Credit  being a leader in the BNPL space  has got it all covered with a wide selection of products you can choose from, offered at 0% interest and affordable monthly installments.   


Are you thinking of getting some of these items, too? Shop now at any of Home Credit’s 9, 000+ partner retail stores or by downloading the My Home Credit App. For more information, go to www.homecreditph 

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