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Why Situational Marketing Can Work For Your Business

Situational marketing is a simple tool to capture audience attention in the marketplace. It’s a quick response to today’s news. Using situational marketing in your marketing strategy helps bring focus to your business and thus increase brand awareness. This is an outcome or failure of an actor, a sport, a new movie, or any other unexpected occurrence. The good news is that most people respond positively to the unexpected.

For social media marketers, the opportunity to use situational marketing for your target demographic is becoming more common. It is not enough to buy TikTok followers, but it’s best to take a more strategic approach to your marketing.  Social media is the place where most people feel they have the best opportunity to share their thoughts on current events, entertainment, trends, and many other topics. For any company or business, it’s important to reach out to this target demographic and create a connection or bond. By implementing this marketing strategy in your social media campaign, you create a chance to turn those comments into sales.

What Exactly Is Situational Marketing?

It’s a technique where you play to the personalities of your target market. Why do you think this works so well? Because consumers like to have their say and give feedback. Social media allows those with a strong opinion to get closer to their audience. With location-based marketing professionals, you can also get closer to your consumers by showing up where they are.

Timely Content

One great way to use situational marketing to improve your current events marketing strategy is to make sure your content is timely. Content that is timely tends to be more interesting to those that enjoy current events. This will allow you to reach a broader audience. The challenge with this approach is you must make sure you stay on topic. If you start talking about current events unrelated to your niche, you run the risk of actually alienating your audience which results in no sales at all.

Helping Your Target Demographic

Another way you can use this tactic for your current events marketing strategy is to share stories of how your brand has helped those in your target demographic. Some social media platforms offer a “Save the date” button that makes it easy to let friends know what events your brand is planning to attend. Others even provide a map that shows where your brand will be. This strategy lets your current customers travel back in time with the promise of experiencing your brand firsthand. They can’t help but feel personally connected to your brand as they travel through these adventures.

Finally, another tactic to implement for your current events campaign that makes use of social media to draw attention is to create your own Halloween-themed contest. You can invite your audience to share their own Halloween trivia from last year. Then, you can award a top prize to the trivia winner.

Combining Methods

Social media allows marketers to combine traditional and unconventional forms of advertising. Marketers who want to use this strategy on a smaller scale can simply join groups that focus on Halloween-related conversations. If you want to create a more personal level of connection with your audience, you can even post Halloween themed quiz for your followers to answer. The key with this type of situational marketing is to make sure your audience gets involved by asking questions or making suggestions on how to improve the brand. By getting your audience engaged, you can build a strong relationship that will make it easier for you to promote your products and services.


Overall, situational marketing offers marketers an excellent opportunity to connect with their audience on an intimate and personal level. In fact, this strategy has been used for decades to great success. Now that it’s easier than ever to create and share unique content that allows your audience to engage and tell their stories, it’s obvious that September is the perfect time to engage with your audience. Give them something to talk about!


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