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Huawei MateView Review

Here’s my Huawei MateView review which is now available in the Philippine market and priced at Php34,999 featuring 4K Ultra-HD, an actually Smart Bar, a nice minimalist design and inter-device connectivity.

huawei mateview


Let’s talk about what makes the Huawei MateView a “must-buy” for consumers that want something new and exciting for their workspaces especially during these trying times. I fall under the category of people working at home. And I don’t just like working at home, I love it. Which was also the reason why I was so hyped to do this Huawei MateView review. The product features a 28.2-inch display panel which pretty much gives you a HUGE screen to work on or even play on.

The MateView also exceeds 4K resolution with 1.5 million pixels giving users superior quality images right in front of them. This was made all the more true when streaming videos on Youtube or Netflix. The MateView also features a colour accuracy of ΔE < 1 in sRGB mode and ΔE < 2 in DCI-P3 mode (which supports 98% of the DCI-P3 colour gamut) a feat not all monitors and screens can top off easily at the moment.

I also did appreciate this monitor’s screen-to-body ratio of 94% meaning you get more of the visuals flashing in the screen more than the black bits on the side. Let me break down how the MateView was designed real quick. The top, right and left side of the MateView has 6mm-wide bezel while the bottom has 9.3mm.

Huawei MateView Top and left bezel

And then there’s also the 3:2 productivity aspect ratio, which really delivers a solid viewing experience whether you’re streaming a movie or working on codes or editing videos.



Huawei Mateview

The Huawei MateView comes with a number of nice functions that makes your work at home a lot convenient starting with the smart connect function which works extremely well with the HarmonyOS ecosystem. This would also mean that it features a multi-screen collab modes with other Huawei devices either mirror, collaborate or extend especially when you have a Huawei laptop or tablet.

The Mateview also features a front-facing built-in dual speakers. One of the unique designs they implemented with this top of the line product. This also means that you get a solid “oomph” all the time you use the Mateview speaker. From a design standpoint it lso means that it minimizes sound interference making for an immersive experience whether your just streaming a movie on Netflix or watching music related stuff like music videos.

huawei mateview front facing speaker

The side panel is where you can find the monitor’s power button, the USB-C port, two (2) USB-A ports, one HDMI port at the back, a 3.5mm audio jack and one MiniDP.

huawei mateview

I also want to tackle the all-new Huawei Smart Bar that you’ll definitely use a lot of times when using the Huawei MateView. The Smart Bar is an new “innovative hidden tourch OSD button” that you can see at the bottom of the screen. Not only is it fun and convenient to use but it also makes the viewing experience a lot more undisturbed. There isn’t a distraction in front of you so it makes the viewing experience a lot better. And even if you didn’t bother reading the manual, the Huawei Smart Bar is still easy to operate. Increasing the volume and chossing the input can be done at the bottom of the screen using the Huawei Smart Bar. From there it’s all a matter of swiping left or right an double tapping; just like what you do with Tinder on a boring Friday night.

The Huawei Smart Bar will be your go-to for everything you need with the Huawei Mateview; whether its adjusting the volume or choosing another input. And it’s also easy to use.


In terms of sound, I was totally blown away by the Mateview’s sound quality and rightfully so because it comes equipped with two high-power full range speakers. I actually haven’t used by bluetooth speakers ever since the review unit came to my office because its that good. The supporting maximum volume is already at 75 decibels and can be cranked a little bit more to hit 78dB. I did a bit of research and found that the competitors can only go for as much as 72 to 74dB.

The Mateview microphone is also such a godsend with its dual array and DSP or digital signl processing. I’m no longer plagued with worrying whether I have good audio when I do meetings or attend digital events because the sound and output is so good. Then they also added in echo cancellation and noise reduction. Its really plug and play when it comes to using the Mateview’s speaker and the microphone.



Of course this wouldn’t be a review if I didn’t show you or at least give you an idea of what the quality is. So I streamed a 4K scene of Avengers:Endgame from YouTube and here’s what it looks like.

These were taken from a phone while running the video on 4k. As you can see the details are amazing.

Even Thanos has to agree on this one.

With the Mateview being the first high end monitor from Huawei you can expect that it can kick ass in terms of 4K quality. The images are sharp and crip and you can see every little detail in the film or TV show that you’re waatching. Also yes, 4k means its 3840 x 2160 resolution absolutely no cuts and no shortcuts there.

As you can see with the sample I took above, colors play an important part on the Mateview’s output aand with the new tech they are using, users can get 1.07 billion colors at any given time, meaning we get softer visual experience. It doesn’t even have a hard time putting out those colors compared to other monitors on the same range that’s already out in the market.

I also didn’t do any calibration for the review unit. Partly because I didn’t have the time and I wanted to prove that it works extremely well out of the box. On average, the monitor achieves ΔE < 1 in sRGB mode and ΔE < 2 in the DCI-P3 mode,delivering true-to-life colours and realistic details. Covering 98% of the DCI-P3 colour space and 100% of the sRGB colour gamut, the HUAWEI MateView is able to display more colours for you.

So what do you guys think of this Huawei MateView review? Leave a comment below and follow me on Twitter at @thefanboyseo for more geek news and updates!

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