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Maya Lopez becomes The Phoenix

While Echo may have just debuted in the MCU, she has actually been there for awhile now in the comics and in the current volume of Avengers written by Jason Aaron she got a power upgrade. Here’s how Maya Lopez becomes The Phoenix.

In Avengers # 49, the remaining heroes continue to fight around the world with the winner becoming the new Phoenix Force host. Some of the fights that occur in the issue includes Captain America versus Black Panther, Shanna the She-Devil vs Red Widow and She-Hulk versus Namor.

In the middle of the fight between Red Widow and Shanna, a mysterious figure pops out and takes Red Widow’s portion of the Phoenix Force then Shanna’s.

Maya Lopez as phoenix

Echo then flies to Moscow to take She-Hulk’s power without an incident while Namor puts up a fight.

Namor is surprised that Maya showed her skills in using Atlantean martial arts which she uses to promptly beat him and fly off.

The end of this story arc shows the original Phoenix who also happens to be Thor’s biological mother merging with the power that Maya Lopez accumulated and completely turning her into the new Phoenix.

This event directly leads to the new Heroes Reborn storyline and miniseries also written by Jason Aaron.

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