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Ranking of Kings Episode 1 review

I recently started watching the anime title Ranking of Kings and while It will take me a while to do a complete season review I wanted to do a short Ranking of Kings episode 1 review which could hopefully hype it up and make you guys pick up the series as well.

So there will be spoilers for this post so SPOILER ALERT!


Episode 1 takes the casual route of introducing us to the world and the main character Prince Bojji, the prince of the Kingdom of Bosse. Its a standard romp as we get to see the life of the future king where his subjects make fun of him and he himself has a hard time communicating. Without a mother to guide and a father that’s very sick, Bojii’s pretty much alone. Then he meets the shadow being known as Kage and the two gradually hit it off.

The animation for this series is surprisingly well. I can’t say its got top-notch animation yet because I’m at episode 2 but it looks like it is.

Bojji as a character could be a hit in multiple levels. First he’s adorable. Looks like he was designed to look that way and be as far as possible from his father King Boss. So there may be something in the creators that wants him to appeal to a broad audience.

The Vampire Dies in No Time

Secondly, there’s a soft spot to the character too like there’s a scene here where he’s getting dressed to meet his father and Kage notices that Bojji is crying. In his most private moments, the pure-hearted prince shows his true feelings and its one that’s sad and lonely. It’s those powerful moments that makes the anime an interesting watch.

Thirdly, it also looks like the design has something to do with how he does battle. As seen in episode 1, there’s a fight between the two princes; with Bojji getting the first hit in over his brother Daida. While its already mentioned that he’s not a fighter, he’s also shown to be quick enough to avoid getting bitten by vipers. Thanks to the animation, good character design and overall artstyle, you can definitely see how this main character would progress in the story.

The OP and closing for the show is also feel good.


Touching moments

Like I said, Bojji is such a pure fellow that you learn to like him even as early as the show’s first ten minutes. How could you not like a deaf and mute kid who starts a friendship with an outcast shadow creature with super assassin skills. Maybe its just me but seeing him weep silently also breaks my heart and I feel like I want to see him succeed and make friends. How pure is that.

Political Intrigue

If you’re a fan of anime series that’s got political intrigure I can already smell betrayal and murder from Episode 1 alone. Its not apparent right now but its definitely shaping up to be that way in the next few episodes or it could be further down the line.

Interesting and sketchy characters

Because they look far from the normal anime stuff we see and follows more with the aesthetics of One Piece, sometimes it can get hard to decide whether the character is a good guy or a bad guy. And that’s something I particularly look for in a series; having characters that you just want to second guess whether they’ll help the MC (main character) or stab him or her at the least expected moment.

Final Thoughts: 

I want more of this. I think the series is currently streaming on iQiyi.

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