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Doc Adam quitting YouTube for a number of reasons

Popular Youtuber Doc Adam has officially stated that he will be quitting from the platform due to a number of reasons. He posted a Facebook post and  Youtube video saying goodbye to his 4 year old channel.

Here’s what he posted:

Kailangan niyo na rin malaman

Sa totoo lang, hindi ko pa alam kung paano sasabihin ito sa inyo. Or actually how to… start this. Kaso gusto ko rin ipaliwanag sa inyo, because you guys need to know the truth.

So the best way to start this story is at the beginning.

Para sa mga bago dito, I’m Adam. I have a filipino partner KC (in the picture). Nagsimula kaming gumawa ng Tagalog Medical Advice content noong 2017. Noong una, yung mga health tips lang – tungkol sa healthy eating, tungkol sa iba-ibang bahagi ng katawan. And all about the different illnesses. Basically, anything that we thought would be helpful to people living in the Philippines and OFWs living abroad.

Kaso mula sa ganitong klase ng content, napansin namin na merong isang mas malaking problema. We realised, there’s so many celebrities, politicians, companies, products, and services that are giving incredibly misleading health information para ibenta ang products nila. Worse still, millions of people actually listen to these stuff.

People use vitamins para gamutin ang cancer nila. They use oils para gamutin ang heart failure nila. So, I started giving my opinion on some of the these things – things being promoted by politicians celebrities and big influencers. Things like weight loss coffee, a facemask with a hole in, oils na nakakatulong daw sa ilang sakit and vitamins na pwede gamitin bilang gamot sa cancer.

I’m not saying that all these companies are exploiting people or misleading people. I was just giving my opinion and stating facts on the products and services that they were selling. I genuinely felt na nakakatulong talaga ang videos ko sa tao.

However, when I started giving my opinion on these things, some people became very angry, very fast . Most of the time I was not being attacked for the facts and infomation I was giving. I was being attacked personally. The way I looked, The way I spoke. “Ang panget mo” “Pautal utal ka magtagalog” “Wala kang kwenta”

Ad hominem attacks were not the only thing we experienced. we also recieved legal threats/letters accusing me of cyber libel. Cyber libel can be a criminal offense in the Philippines. What this means is that I could get jailed for 6 to 12 years (IF FOUND GUILTY). Hey nako nakaka-stress. Luckily None of these threats ever even pushed to court but it was stressful at the time.

Dahil sa lahat nang naranasan ko… KC and I had some chat and we decided we are going to stop Youtube. After some long discussions, we’ve decided we want to take a different direction in life. We’re gonna get married next year and we plan to head to the north of Australia and do some work with the deprived communities there.

KC has been helping me make the videos for the last four years. I can’t thank her enough for going through this with me. I also want to thank my editor (AJ) as well as my friends Elaine, Jared, Nico and Ranny.

However, before I leave, there are some things I need to get off my chest na nakakainis talaga sa akin.

Number one, is for the official government bodies like the FDA, DOH in the Philippines. Alam ninyo kung gaano ka delikado ang health claims ng ilang negosyo diyan sa Philippines! People are being harmed because of dangerous health claims being made by many companies!

Grow some bayag and put a stop to it.

If companies are saying that you can cure cancer with vitamin D, you need to make them accountable!

The second thing I wanna say is about celebrities and politicians in the Philippines. Some of you promote companies and services with outrageous and dangerous health claims just to earn. YOU ARE ALSO PART OF THE PROBLEM.

Now that we’ve discussed yung karanasan ko bilang isang content creator sa Philippines. I want to change subject completely and talk about a different topic. Dr. Farrah.

Dr. Farrah is currently suing me dito sa Australia. Kahit may pinagdadaanan akong lawsuit and marami akong ginagastos and I have decided to quit YouTube. I still think it’s important for public safety that I continue to talk about Dr. Farrah.

Dr. Farrah continues to give dangerous advice online. Dr Farrahs products continue to be distributed by multiple distributors in the Philippines despite a warning from the Philippines FDA stating distribution is illegal. I have no intention of having a “cancer duel” however I think its important that I continue to discuss Dr Farrahs advice.

(If you have a Dr Farrah experience please share here with any evidence you have drfarrahstories@gmail.com . I read all your messages there,

Regarding the Dr Farrah lawsuit. I have missed many days at work to deal with this lawsuit and I have also spent over 200,000 thousand dollars. I want to thank you for all the donations to GoFundMe and GCash. I’m sincerely grateful to all of you. Hindi mabubuo ang Doc Adam channel, if not for your support.

If you are able to still provide support I will put the links down below. All donations will go directly to paying my lawyers fees.

So I guess… that’s it. It’s been a great, wonderful, and fun journey with you all.

Four years.

Hanggang dito na lang.

Ingat Doc Adam + KC + Charlie (the dog) 


Check out the original Facebook post below:

And you can also watch the video version of his “goodbye” below:

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