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X-Men # 3 Review

Here’s my X-Men # 3 review written by Gerry Duggan and Pepe Larraz. It features a cool fight between the X-Men and High Evolutionary and more developments that may connect to Inferno or even something darker for the mutants.

This issue is another standard one-and-done issue which sees the X-Men responding to an alien ship appearing in Vietnam which turns out to be the High Evolutionary and his daughter Luminescence. They plan on helping mutants officially take over the world after creating their own world, Arakko, as seen in the pages of Planet-size X-Men # 1. When the X-Men disagree with how Evolutionary will kill of humans, a fight breaks out, which ends with the X-Men getting their asses handed to them and Evo, straight up leaving the planet after acquiring a blood sample from Synch. We also get the side story of the Orchis people touching base with Feilong from issue 1 with the idea of sending him to Mars. Finally, there’s also the imminent exposure of the mutants of Krakoa’s secret to resurrection after the story was given to Ben Urich by the mysterious Dr. Stasis.

The art for the book is phenomenal. While I like the idea its not fair to call Pepe Larraz the “Jim Lee of his generation” as some people online are quick to point out. But there’s some truth in that statement. The artwork is vibrant and dynamic and you get to enjoy every little detail in Larraz’s art plus it blends extremely well with the coloring work of Marte Garcia. You can even see that in standard posing pages like the arrival of the High Evolutionary.

Duggan’s story and the way he attacks the issue is also good. We get another one-and-done story that plays well with the casual comic book readers but at the same time he plants seeds for future story beats and places the massive movements with big ramifications at the end like those classic comic stories. This can be seen in a secret conversation between High Evolutionary and Jean Grey at the tail end of the fight in this issue. I’m slightly bummed that we don’t have any plans for the X-Men to take the offensive on Gameworld and Cordyceps Jones. Maybe that’s something coming down the road.

Then as I mentioned earlier, X-Men fans would be pulled towards the series with the continued movements of Orchis against Krakoa and the X-Men. They are planning to make a move against the mutant planet of Arakko and on Earth they have begun a demolition job to the reputation of this new X-Men team based in New York and they will be using the print media with their delivery system being Ben Urich.

Generally speaking, we get another good X-Men issue here. It’s fun, its action-packed, it continues to build to something big and follows on what head of X Jonathan Hickman created with this new era of the X-Men and Marvel’s mutant. And we get to see our heroes smile once more. That means a lot. And I don’t know about you but this X-Men team loveeeessss to eat.

Recommendation –  buy it.

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