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My Hero Academia chapter 326 – All Might meets Hero Killer Stain

The latest chapter for My Hero Academia, My Hero Academia chapter 326 takes a break from Deku and UA and focuses of All Might. This is also an important issue as it’s the chapter where All Might meets Hero Killer Stain.

All Might drives to the shrine where his young successor Izuku Midoriya reconnected with his classmates who fought him head on and managed to convince him to return with them. During the fight the class 1A prevented Deku from going down this dark hero path he was setting himself up with.

All Might also notices that his once glorious statue has been vandalized by anti-hero groups who blame the heroes for the villains rising to power once more.

As he continues to waddle in self doubt, the man known as Hero Killer Stain appears in front of All Might…

In typical Hero Killer Stain fashion he continues to spout philosophical questions and calls out All Might for being a fake and a coward.

All Might shows Stain that he’s the real deal, transforming to his hero form before reverting back. All Might also states that he’s run his course and will never be able to beat Stain in combat; adding that had they met earlier it could have been different.

Stain then pulls All Might aside and and shows him a girl who uses her quirk to fix the vandalized All Might Shrine. Turns out this lady was one of the few people All Might saved before publicly retiring during his fight with All for One.

Seeing this and Stain’s chastising brings back All Might’s resolve and belief. Stain leaves some important Intel he gathered from his time locked up in Tartarus.

Stain also looks forward to the time All Might himself brings him in for trial for his crimes including killing 40 heroes in the past.

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