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My Hero Academia chapter 324 – Uraraka pleads for Deku’s safety

Uraraka and Deku shippers should be happy to know that My Hero Academia chapter 324 may just have opened the door for a potential romance between Ochaco Uraraka and Izuku Midoriya.

Chapter 323 saw the return of Deku to UA after being on the run and trying to solve the All for One problem by himself on the road. He planned to do this by catching all the criminals that escaped Tartarus using his growing quirk. Luckily for him, his classmates manage to stop him before he kills himself or gets captured by AFO.

In 323 we also find out that Principal Nezu has developed a nice defensive system for the school in the case that the villains storm the campus looking for Deku. It also ended with Uravity taking a megaphone and talking to an angry crowd who didn’t want Deku inside for fear of getting hurt in the fight.

My Hero Academia chapter 324 shows the continuation of this conversation.

There are still people who don’t want Deku inside and Uravity decides to speak to all of them with the intention of changing their hearts and minds about Deku.

The chapter continues with Uraraka asking the people to give Deku a chance to recuperate after all he’s been through.

All the while we are getting a bit of flashback to Uraraka’s younger days when when she wod focus more on the people’s smiles and reactions whenever there’s a hero around to save people. Giving us a deeper understanding of how Ochaco operates and thinks.

Meanwhile while all of this happening, Deku continues to get emotional over this and breaks down and cries. The last few pages of the chapter returns the POV to Deku who says that this was the moment of change for the heroes and the civilians too, once again hinting at this future where Deku assumedly becomes the number 1 hero of Japan.

We get more drama then action here but it’s totally fine.

Also if this moment doesn’t open doors for a future relationship between Uraraka and Deku, at least it gives Deku a reason to give twice as much respect to his classmate.

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